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diabetes diet
August 4, 2023

5 Diet tips for Diabetics to manage their Sugar Levels better

Can I drink whole milk? Is white bread bad for me? Do I have to avoid everything deep-fried? If you are Diabetic, you may have probably had these questions and many more. As a Diabetic, you have to closely monitor your diet to keep blood sugar levels in check. But apart from what foods to cut […]

By Sumita Thomas

How to control pre-diabetes
November 18, 2022

How to control pre-diabetes with diet and exercise

Diabetes cases are on the rise in India – according to 2013 data from the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 50% of all people with diabetes live in just three countries – China (98.4 million), India (65.1 million) and the US (24.4 million). There are several reasons why Indians have a higher propensity for this lifestyle […]

By Meenakshi S.

November 18, 2022

Dr Ambrish Mithal: Myths about diabetes

Did you know a 15% weight reduction has shown to normalize glucose tolerance? Or that even with diabetes, you can eat sugar in moderate amounts? Padma Bhushan awardee and renowned endocrinologist Dr Ambrish Mithal weighs on 10 myths surrounding the ailment. #1 MYTH Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar. FACT A lot of […]

By Team HealthifyMe