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Functional Training
April 10, 2024

Functional Training: Elevating Everyday Performance

Functional training emerges as a crucial concept in the landscape of fitness and exercise. It seamlessly bridges the gap between daily movements and structured workout routines. This approach to exercise enhances the natural movements we perform daily, such as bending, lifting, and reaching, thereby improving our ability to tackle day-to-day tasks with ease and efficiency. […]

By Nahida

Animal flow workout
March 20, 2024

Animal Flow Workout: Unleashing the Power of Movement

Animal Flow Workout is an innovative approach to fitness that blurs the lines between strength, flexibility, and mental agility. This engaging form of callisthenics does not just challenge the body; it invites you to rediscover movement through a fusion of bodyweight exercises grounded in the primal grace of animal movements. Crafted by Mike Fitch, a […]

By Nahida

Muscular Hypertrophy: A Beginner's Guide to Building Muscle- HealthifyMe
November 30, 2023

Muscular Hypertrophy: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle

Hypertrophy training is what someone’s searching for if they’re seeking an exercise regimen that can help them gain muscle mass. The process of gaining muscle mass is called hypertrophy. It causes the body’s cells, tissues, or organs to enlarge. It leads to increased myofibril proteins (myofilaments) in each muscle fibre, the cross-sectional area.  Muscular hypertrophy […]

By Mehak Shah

Unleash Your Core Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to Abdomen Workouts and Exercises- HealthifyMe
November 30, 2023

Unleash Your Core Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to Abdomen Workouts and Exercises

One of the most significant physical attributes is a well-defined abdomen, which not only conveys authority but also self-control and dedication. However, there’s a lot more to stomach routines and workouts than meets the eye. The abdomen, sometimes referred to as the “core,” is crucial for preserving good posture, stabilising the body, and improving overall […]

By Mehak Shah

11 Basic Calisthenics Exercises: Types, Importance, and Risks- HealthifyMe
April 8, 2024

11 Basic Calisthenics Exercises: Types, Importance, and Risks

Calisthenics might be the word your ancestors used for physical exercise. The development of calisthenics dates back to ancient Greece, and it gained popularity once more in the early 1800s. Interestingly, in the twenty-first century, it is now seeing a significant resurgence. Though there are many different kinds of exercises, calisthenics might be the best. […]

By Shweta kumari

Chakra In Human Body
November 30, 2023

The Body Chakras: A Complete Guide for Overall Wellness

The concept of chakras is rooted in ancient Hindu and Buddhist beliefs regarding the physical and subtle aspects of the human body. The physical body comprises visible, tangible matter. In contrast, the subtle body, encompassing the mind and emotions, is composed of imperceptible energy. Going by the concept, spiritual and psychic energies from the subtle […]

By Aditi Shenai

Vajrasana Benefits
November 30, 2023

Exploring the Health Benefits of Vajrasana

Vajrasana derives its name from the divine weapon “Vajra”, which belongs to Indra, the king of Gods, as per Hindu beliefs. Vajra is one of the most potent weapons in the celestial universe. The pose is so powerful that it gets its name from Vajra, which also means thunderbolt. This posture is integral to a […]

By Aditi Shenai

आयरन-समृद्ध प्यायच्या
November 30, 2023

9 poses de yoga asanas pour vous aider à perdre du poids rapidement

Le yoga, qui signifie “union”, est un ancien système indien de pratiques mentales, physiques et spirituelles, qui est maintenant largement accepté à travers le monde. De nos jours, de nombreuses personnes associent le yoga à la pratique physique ou aux asanas, qui sont une série de postures souvent enchaînées dans différents styles. Les pratiques des […]

By Shamlee Pathare

underarm fat
September 18, 2023

Exercises to Take Down Underarm Fat

Underarm fat, often referred to as “bat wings” or “flabby arms,” is a common concern for many individuals seeking to achieve a toned and sculpted upper body. It can affect people of all ages and fitness levels, and while it’s important to remember that spot reduction isn’t entirely possible, targeted exercises can help strengthen and […]

By Mehak Shah

Side Fat
September 6, 2023

Side Fat Exercises for a Toned Midsection

Excess fat accumulation around the waist and sides, often referred to as “love handles” or “muffin tops,” can be a common concern for individuals seeking a sculpted and toned physique. These pockets of fat can affect self-confidence and overall appearance. While spot reduction is not a guaranteed solution, incorporating targeted exercises that focus on the […]

By Shweta kumari

Back Fat
September 6, 2023

Back Fat Exercises: Say Goodbye to Back Bulges

In a world that increasingly emphasizes health and fitness, many individuals are on a quest to shed those extra pounds and attain a toned physique. One common concern for many is the presence of back fat, which can not only affect one’s appearance but also impact their confidence and overall well-being. Back fat, often found […]

By Aditi Shenai

Man praciticing yoga for high blood pressure management
August 25, 2023

Yoga for High Blood Pressure: Managing Hypertension Naturally

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a prevalent health concern that affects millions of people worldwide. It’s often referred to as the “silent killer” because it typically doesn’t exhibit noticeable symptoms until it reaches advanced stages, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular complications. As the modern world grapples with […]

By Mehak Shah

The Relation Between Weight Training and Weight Loss- HealthifyMe
August 24, 2023

The Relation Between Weight Training and Weight Loss

Weight loss is crucial for health as excess weight raises the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems. Achieving a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise improves overall well-being and longevity. Among these, weight training is a potent method for weight loss. By building lean muscle mass, it accelerates metabolism, […]

By Nahida Wankhade

March 28, 2023

Types of Yoga Asanas – A Complete Guide

The word “yoga” means “union”. Yoga aligns the mind with the body. The benefits of yoga are both physical and emotional. Yoga is a practice that has existed since ancient times. The relevance of yoga has never got lost. Yoga helps achieve perfect mind and body alignment. Therefore, even today, yoga is necessary for healthy […]

By Shamlee Pathare

Exercise Can Cause Muscle Cramps: Possible Causes-HealthifyMe
December 14, 2022

Exercise Can Cause Muscle Cramps: Possible Causes

A muscle cramp is an involuntary contraction of one or more muscles. Muscle groups may be affected by these contractions, which are often unpleasant. For example, the muscles in your lower leg’s back, your thigh’s rear, and your front thigh often experience cramps.  The most common sign of a muscle cramp is a sudden, acute […]

By Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

How to Increase Breast Size With Exercise?- HealthifyMe
December 6, 2022

How to Increase Breast Size With Exercise?

Many factors determine the size and shape of your breasts, which might influence your feminine physique to some extent. Breasts change shape and size throughout your life, unlike other body parts that stop growing after reaching a specific size. Today, most women opt for breast augmentation or implant surgery to increase breast size as desired. […]

By Parul Dube

Which Exercise Burns More Calories? Let's Find Out- HealthifyMe
November 25, 2022

Which Exercise Burns More Calories? Let’s Find Out

Regular exercise is the ultimate calorie burner. Whether you like to go for an early morning walk or hit the gym hard, exercise plays a role in weight management and weight loss. But have you ever wondered which exercise burns the most calories? Some say more intense workouts that use different muscle groups will ultimately […]

By Parul Dube

What is Kegel Exercise? Here's All You Need to Know- HealthifyMe
November 16, 2022

Kegel Exercise – Here’s All You Need to Know

If there is an exercise that you can do without having to go to the gym or buy any equipment, which has physical and possibly even sexual benefits, you would probably do it every day. One such exercise is the Kegels, which helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. People also call it the invisible exercise, […]

By Alpa Momaya

Your Guide to Elliptical Workouts for Weight Loss- HealthifyMe
October 11, 2022

Your Guide to Elliptical Workouts for Weight Loss

A tried-and-true method of losing weight is working out. Combining your workout routine with healthy eating practices will make you see results faster. Of course, it would help if you expended more calories than you took to lose weight. The initial stages will be calculating the daily caloric intake and the amount of exercise required […]

By Parul Dube

The Best Way to Improve Your Functional Strength- HealthifyMe
September 9, 2022

The Best Way to Improve Your Functional Strength

Functional training is a type of training that helps you perform activities in everyday life more easily. These exercises focus on the whole body and emphasise building and improving core strength and stability. The functional strength describes how you can efficiently perform your daily activities. For example, suppose you are someone who gets tired very […]

By Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

The 6 Best Pro-Tips to Building Muscles- HealthifyMe
September 8, 2022

The 6 Best Pro-Tips to Building Muscles

Many people desire to have a chiselled body with a good amount of healthy muscles. People, no matter obese or skinny, have the opportunity to get the body of their dreams if they are willing to put in the effort. Tips for building muscles will always include having a healthy mix of exercise and dieting […]

By Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

Strength Training: The Facts You Need To Know- HealthifyMe
December 6, 2022

Strength Training: The Facts You Need To Know

If you’ve been considering introducing strength training and powerlifting into your workout program, understanding the exercises and the right ways of doing them is absolutely important to get the right result. When used as a part of an overall fitness plan, strength training can help tone muscles, increase metabolism, and build lean muscle. In addition, […]

By Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

Weight Lifting for Women: The Benefits and Methods- HealthifyMe
December 6, 2022

Weight Lifting for Women: The Benefits and Best Methods

If you have been working out regularly and still fail to see any transformative results, it is time to change your exercise regimes. Weight training is one promising option. Unfortunately, the benefits of weight training for women have been consistently devalued over the years in favour of cardio workouts such as aerobics, dancing, and running. […]

By Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

Cardio Exercises that Help You Lose Weight!- HealthifyMe
October 11, 2022

Cardio Exercises that Help You Lose Weight!

Have you been someone who wanted to lose weight for months but gave up because of the long-lasting process of diet and gym? Usually, for a beginner, cardio exercises can kickstart your weight loss journey.  Cardio-respiratory exercises are a group of exercises that depend on the aerobic energy-generating mechanism in the body. Thus, cardio exercises […]

By Jeh Lekhi

Gym-Free Cardio Exercises: The Ultimate Guide- HealthifyMe
October 12, 2022

Gym-Free Cardio Exercises – The Ultimate Guide

Fitness is not limited to gyms or workout facilities. It is also possible to do so while staying at home. Cardiovascular exercises in particular do not necessitate a wide range of equipment. You can do it at home or even in a park. Individuals who engage in 120-150 minutes of physical activity per week have […]

By Jeh Lekhi

Maximize Afterburn with These Cardio Workouts- HealthifyMe
August 31, 2022

Maximize Afterburn with These Cardio Workouts

Most people think they lose weight only when exercising. Though you need to exercise to burn calories, you can lose some extra calories without actually working hard for them. Also, this is what happens during the afterburn effect. You lose calories as a result of the workout you have already done. There are various ways […]

By Jeh Lekhi

Effective Pool Exercises to Improve Endurance-HealthifyMe
August 31, 2022

Effective Pool Exercises to Improve Endurance

Swimming, as we all know, is one of the best workouts. It is one of the most potent cardiovascular exercises that give our hearts a good pump, thus increasing their oxygen pumping capacity. It also works up every muscle in the body, which any other sport or exercise rarely does. Given the unparalleled benefits of […]

By Jeh Lekhi

Flexibility Training: Health Benefits and Best Practices- HealthifyMe
April 8, 2024

Flexibility Training: Health Benefits and Best Practices

If you have played any sport, you would remember how the coach would make you jog a couple of rounds and stretch for the first 15- 20 minutes. Did you ever ponder as to why she or he was so adamant about it? Those couple minutes of stretching and jogging warm up your body and […]

By Jeh Lekhi

7 Best Tennis Stretches that You Must Try- HealthifyMe
October 13, 2022

7 Best Tennis Stretches that You Must Try

Tennis is a highly demanding sport requiring increased cardiovascular endurance, agility, strength, and flexibility. In tennis, stretching is a secret advantage for players since it brings many benefits. For example, a study has shown that stretching will help you be highly flexible. In addition, tennis stretches can reduce the risk of injury and ultimately contribute […]

By Jeh Lekhi

The Best Exercises for Improving Hip Muscle Mobility- HealthifyMe
August 26, 2022

The Best Exercises for Improving Hip Muscle Mobility

Movement and flexibility have become challenging in the digital and gadget era of the last few decades and the recent pandemic. As a result, several vital body muscles remain unused for a long time, leading to fatigue and exhaustion. In addition, hip joint pain and spine issues are common in desk jobs, as we move […]

By Jeh Lekhi

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