Meet our Team

You get to work with veterans from various trades

Tushar Vashisht, CEO & Co-founder, HealthifyMe

Tushar has been the man behind the inception of HealthifyMe. Before HealthifyMe, he did an experiment to live on average Indian income( for a month with his co-founder and worked in the Unique ID Authority with the Government of India for nearly two years. Tushar started his career as in investment banker on Wall Street and in the Bay Area before moving to Singapore with Deutsche Bank. He is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and a passionate musician by hobby.

Sachin Shenoy, Head - Engineering & Co-founder, HealthifyMe

A Google Code-Jam finalist, Sachin is one of the fastest coders we know. He has over 15 years of experience out of which 6 were with Google, where he worked across Google Finance, Google SMS Channel, Orkut Developer Platform and Google Dev. Platform. He has 5 patent disclosures associated with his work.

Roshini Gilbert is VP - Services at HealthifyMe.

Roshini, an ex Chartered Accountant by profession was inspired to go from tallying numbers to training others after losing 30kgs of post-pregnancy weight. She now leads a team of over 100 nutritionists, trainers and yoga instructors. Roshini's motto - making people fit to live life to the fullest.

Nikhil Moorjani heads Marketing for HealthifyMe.

An ex-Machinery Consultant by profession, Nikhil's passion for getting people healthier brought him to this industry. He moved to HealthifyMe after a stint with another fitness startup in Bombay. He is a NIT Nagpur graduate and loves long distance running. Check out his article on Marketing in the Social-Mobile Age

Rohan Gupta - Director of Design, Product Manager

Rohan joined HealthifyMe in 2013 after graduating from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. He joined as the only designer and grew the in-house design team to its current 5 designers. In 2015, Rohan moved over to Product Management, and is now responsible for looking after the user facing product.

Swati Bajaj is Product Manager at HealthifyMe

She has 7 years of experience in leading tech teams and project managing technology solutions at companies like NetApp. She holds an MBA from IIM Bangalore. She's passionate about building worldclass digital and mobile-first products.

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