Some call it Magic.
We call it HealthifyPro.

Get fit faster, more consistently and holistically.
The future of fitness is here.

The Power of 5

Calorie Counting


Pro Coaches

Smart Scale

Metabolic Panel

It starts with tracking what you eat...

State-of-the-art Calorie Counter

Search from over 100,000+ Indian & Global foods, and track them to your timeline.

With a detailed breakdown of each food into proteins, carbs, fats and fibre, don't just count calories, but make your calories count.

Your CGM tracks
your Glucose Levels

Scan your Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and get real-time insights into your Glucose levels

Your CGM – powered by Abbott's Freestyle Libre, syncs with your phone and helps you understand how your glucose levels respond to your food and activity.

See what's good for you, and what you should avoid – real-time.

Pro Coaches give you
real-time feedback

Your Pro coaches will assess your food and activity.

They'll message you in real-time so you know whether you were right or if you can improve.

Get tips, tricks and hacks to keep your levels in green. This is behaviour change with real impact.

Your Smart Scale measures progress

A single step to measure your progress and see results

Your Smart Scale breaks down body weight into 12+ parameters like body fat, muscle mass, protein, hydration and more. So you lose the right kind of weight.

It syncs to your phone with a tap of a button, so you keeping track of your progress is a breeze.

All this, so you can make smarter choices

Real-time insights means better choices.

The Power of Pro allows you to understand your lifestyle, and make changes real-time. No need to wait weeks to see results.

Change is now. This is the Future of Fitness. This is HealthifyPro.

Here's all that you get with HealthifyPro

Biosensor - CGM
Pro Nutritionist
Pro Fitness Trainer
Smart Scale
Metabolic Panel
Customised Diet Plan
Customised Workout Plan
Unlimited Consultation Calls
1Connect™ – 24x7 Messaging
Healthy Home Recipes
Ria™ – AI Nutritionist