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Why join HealthifyMe

Well for starters...
You get to work with veterans from various trades

Our Commandments


If it can't be done, we will do it! There simply isn't any other way!

Make a Difference

We are here to make a difference. Not to build another app or another marketplace. We chase real, solid impact. Money follows.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and service. Nothing is as important as the quality we render.

We rapidly chase growth

We want to make a difference at scale. Not at a local level, but a national, international level. Go big or go home. We don’t have a plan B.

Customer focused

Our product and service is all about our end customers. Employees are sometimes right, customers are always right.

We always meet our targets

We hold on to our word. Or die trying. No excuses.

We are honest hard workers

We value dedication over raw skill.

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