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The battle to lose weight is one that people struggle with on a daily basis. You have your good days, like the ones where you step on the scale to learn that you’ve dropped a kilo. There are the bad days too, where you can’t find the time to exercise, or you’ve cheated on your diet plan. It’s in the second situation that the benefits of a virtual training programme power through.

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages that a virtual weight-loss programme has over one in person. Since the sessions aren’t done in-person, you can choose the best time to workout. Plus, you can choose to do the workouts at home using the equipment you have available. And on days when you don’t have the time for your regular routine, or are eating out, you can just check in with your trainer or nutritionist on WhatsApp for suggestions on how to get some exercise in, or what to order.

The cost of a virtual training programme is also significantly less when compared to signing up with a personal trainer at the gym, which can cost between Rs 500-700 a session, or hiring a nutritionist, who can charge upwards Rs 1,500 for monthly consultations.

Virtual trainers also have an extra edge when it comes to motivating their clients, as one of their main channels of communication is a tool like WhatsApp which enables them to regularly check in and often drop a line with an inspirational thought or quote for the day. Response time on feedback is quick, and fitness schedules or diets are quickly modified in the event that the existing ones are not achieving the desired results.

There are some concerns when it comes to relying on a virtual training programme – while exercising, for instance, since there is no actual person with you, this could potentially set you up for a higher chance of injury — but the professionals who design your routine do so keeping that in mind.

If you’re still not convinced about its benefits, start small. Try a trial plan, for instance; the HealthifyMe Essentials plan offers a one-month try-out where you can gauge the benefits of a virtual fitness trainer, dietician and customized plan yourself. To know more or to sign up go to

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