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Valentine’s Day Special: Sandeep and Sonali’s weight loss story


November 30, 2023

A happily married couple, Sonali Panda and Sandeep Dash, lived a near perfect life, yet yearned for more. Hectic working hours and schedules, and the easy availability of unhealthy food had seen them gain unnecessary kilos over the years.

Sonali and Sandeep found themselves weighing 96 kg and 116 kg, respectively, last year. It was at this point, they knew that things had to change drastically.

“Sandeep came across HealthifyMe on Facebook”

“I wanted to consult a dietitian, in order to lose weight. This is when Sandeep came across HealthifyMe on Facebook,” says Sonali. She soon installed the app, and spoke to Sr. Nutritionist, Alpa Momaya. Impressed with her consultation call, Sonali opted for the app’s premium services, and then got in touch with fitness coach, Meenakshi, as well.

Sonali began to see results in no time, and this inspired Sandeep to get serious about his health too. Not wanting to be left behind, Sandeep started tracking his food intake and daily activity religiously.

“Now, it is a lot easier since eating healthy is more of a habit than a necessity.”

Though Sandeep found it difficult at first, he caught on with time. “The first few days were hard. The hunger pangs were almost impossible to handle,” he says, “Now, however, it is a lot easier since eating healthy is more of a habit than a necessity.”

Sonali was always comfortable with her coaches’ methods. “Both my coaches have always been extremely supportive of me. Since I was uncomfortable with going to the gym, my fitness coach, Meenakshi, prepared a workout plan that I could follow at home,” she recalls, “Alpa made it a point to include dishes I’m fond of in my diet, and that truly helped me follow it.”

While weight loss journeys can be quite difficult, it helped that they had each other. “The fact that I had my wife by my side throughout ensured I was always motivated,” Sandeep says, “Whenever she started seeing results, I wanted to lose weight too. This healthy competition helped both of us stay focused on our weight loss goals.”

“I am delighted since it is the first time my weight has dropped below 82 kg since my 11th grade,”

8 months into her journey, Sonali has lost 22 kilos, and now weighs 74 kg. “I am delighted, as it is the first time my weight has dropped below 82 kg since my 11th grade,” she tells us. Sandeep is not far behind either. He now weighs 92 kg, after losing 24 kilos in the same duration.

“The right diet and workout need to be a part of one’s daily life rather than a short-term solution” is Sandeep’s message to anyone looking to get fit. “Constant guidance from my coaches, coupled with the right choice of food got me to where I am today,” adds Sonali.

While you may not have a love story this Valentine’s Day, you can always choose to live healthier, and learn to #LoveYourself.

Disclaimer – Though their diet and workout plans worked for Sandeep and Sonali, the results may vary for you. Get in touch with personalized diet and fitness coaches to be able to tell your own weight loss story.

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