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Weight Loss Story – How Vertika Lost 12 kgs in 3 Months with HealthifyMe

Misbah Fathima

August 24, 2023

Name: Vertika Singh

Gender: Female

Profession: Graduating student

Before HealthifyMe 

I was very slim and super active during my school days, and later I was also diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, which led to weight gain. I saw myself as an overweight person whose tummy peeped out from the surface of her body. I gradually became lethargic and lazy during the days, my running speed reduced to half, and I didn’t have the interest to do anything. 

I saw myself as someone who was overweight and whose tummy kept peeping out of the body surface. It was during the lockdown only I decided to have a weight loss as a goal.

The turning point

It was during the lockdown that I set weight loss as my goal. 

My best friend introduced me to the amazing HealthifyMe app. She knew I am a big-time foodie, and it was difficult for me to control my diet. I weighed 68 kgs when I subscribed to HealthifyMe’s Smart Plan.

Weight loss transformation journey

In terms of learning, meal portion control was on the top as I was not supposed to eat unmeasured portions. The second was to drink at least 8 – 9 glasses of water daily. The water tracking feature on the HealthifyMe app helped me achieve that target. 

I also ensured that I went for a morning walk every day because I understood the importance of increasing my metabolism. I also focused on strength & cardio combo for a noticeable weight loss.

HealthifyMe’s Smart Plan

The smart plan in one line for me was like God – who helps those in need. I subscribed to the Smart Plan as it matched my daily schedule and comfort – It helped me track all my meals. 

Ria was my AI coach who would tell me my daily food routine. Ria would also analyze my unhealthy food cravings and provide me with an alternate healthy version!

Tips/Things that worked well throughout the transformation journey

I was a big-time foodie and had no control over my eating. While tracking my meals every day on the app, I was shocked and disappointed with my unhealthy eating habits. HealthifyMe app helped me make healthy eating choices and also taught me the importance of adding protein to every meal in a simpler way. 

Favorite features on the HealthifyMe app

HealthifyMe’s calorie tracker was the most accurate feature that I loved. I also loved the whole concept of HealthifyMe, which is to keep healthy and fit!

The most significant change in lifestyle after Joining HealthifyMe

After starting my journey with HealthifyMe, I have gone through some major changes physically and mentally. I lost 12 kgs and managed my thyroid levels. I also lost all the extra fat from my thighs, stomach, hip, neck and, arms!

Breaking down barriers

Beating the cravings and portion control was the biggest hurdle I faced, and the HealthifyMe app sorted that very quickly. There were times once in a week or a month where I felt lazy, but the app’s constant reminder kept me going and kept me on track for my goals.

After HealthifyMe

Among my best decisions, installing and understanding the HealthifyMe app is on the top. This year of self-analyzing has given me a vision and a goal to achieve things. I am on a journey to stay fit. I am definitely #Healthified with the greatest help from the HealthifyMe team and app.

Reactions from friends and family after the transformation

The best kind of compliments I received were from my family. They motivated me with their support and words. The best and funniest compliment I received was from my father. He said, “Ye ab angoor se kishmish ho gayi hai.”  

How do I feel now – after achieving my goal?

I feel great, confident, and the best part is that I can flaunt my healthy body and look good in clothes of my choice! I can now surely say that I contributed my bit to ‘Fit India’.

We know women to be selfless and nurturing, but most of them fail to take care of themselves in the process of taking care of others. 

This Women’s Day, let’s try to break that cycle and encourage the women in our lives to prioritize their health – #WeforWomen

Disclaimer: The results may vary for you. Let us help determine the best approach for you to achieve your goal.

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  1. Your inspirational story is really helpful for me. One sentence is really inspire me too, “let’s try to break that cycle and encourage the women in our lives to prioritize their health”. Thank you very much.

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