Top 8 Beneficial Aerobic Exercises for Kids

Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

November 23, 2022

Kids have an ample supply of energy fuel in their bodies. They can toss between studies and games, then between meals and playing sports outside, then between reading and watching television; all of this and a lot more. While they are busy exploring the world around them, they often forget to stay in their best shape and health. The coronavirus pandemic has made us all health freaks in some way or the other. And as it is for parents, physical activity is equally important for their children’s mental and physical development. But what kind of exercises are best for your kids?

Aerobic exercise, also known as cardio exercise, incorporates any sort of activity that gives your body’s bigger muscles a decent workout for about 20 minutes or more. Its primary advantage is the strengthening impact it has on those muscles; for example, the heart and the overall cardiovascular system, including the lungs, are invigorated with these exercises. Even standard aerobics for kids can help them stay in good shape forever. Truth be told, as they are constantly growing, this sort of activity is especially the key to ensuring their bodies develop as they should. Additionally, it helps to keep any medical issues, for example, obesity under control.

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8 Most Beneficial Aerobic Exercises for Kids

Aerobics isn’t just limited to dancing in a professional studio. Any exercise that helps you breathe faster and increase your heart rate can be considered aerobic. In this section, we have listed down the different aerobic activities that your child can indulge in.

#1 Speed Walking

Speed walking

Speed walking is when you take brisk steps for exercise. This isn’t equivalent to walking at a normal pace and is considered easy aerobics for kids where the heart pulsates and siphons blood quicker. 

#2 Running


The most common form of aerobics for kids is running. One of the key benefits is that it doesn’t require any equipment. Even a pandemic cannot deter your plans for running. So, if you have an open park space around the block or a terrace, running can easily become a habit.

#3 Skipping rope


While girls like to play the jumping rope game with the group, boys can also try this aerobic exercise. It is the simplest form of complete body workout. And while you are moving your limbs simultaneously, this kind of aerobics for kids also alerts their motor nerves for balanced coordination.

#4 Bicycling


Cycling is fun and is a basic life skill too. It helps your body learn how to balance and then strengthens your muscles. Outdoor cycling is fun aerobics for kids, as it encourages them to be more outdoorsy, and they can even group with their friends for a fun race. Cycling also tones your leg muscles and increases your lungs’ capacity to intake more oxygen.

#5 Martial arts

martial arts

Many parents like to enlist their kids in martial arts classes since it shows them significant aptitudes such as self-protection and discipline. Martial arts are of various kinds like karate, jiu-jitsu, blended combative techniques, etc. These activities for kids are extraordinary as they keep them strong even through serious situations. The energy and discipline that goes into martial arts help them with being intellectually ready for any circumstances where self-protection might be required. It is a complete body exercise that builds the muscles and strengthens the bones, making kids both truly displaced and intellectually mindful.

#6 Swimming


Kids love being in the water! Plus, it’s an essential life skill. Swimming utilizes the whole body in the process. This aerobic exercise for kids can help build their endurance and is safer than other physical exercises that could bring about bone injuries. 

#7 Dancing


Aerobic dances for kids are an easy addition to their routine. While it promotes flexibility, develops motor skills, and strengthens their limbs, it is still a task to get them used to dance. But, when they become familiar with the move, they can become emotionally developed human beings by listening to music and dancing to its tunes.

#8 Skateboarding


Skateboarding and rollerblading show you how to balance yourself while moving with speed. They are moderately high-impact building aerobics for kids that allows them to exert themselves as they try to move in different directions by applying forces.

Benefits of Aerobics for Kids

The first step to adding an exercise routine in your kid’s life is to understand why you need one. Aerobics for kids is a multi-fold benefit activity that encourages your child’s endurance development and helps them build certain skills. Let us understand the benefits:

1. Psychomotor skill development

Psychomotor skill development

One of the fundamental advantages of aerobics for kids is that, with training, they can tap their capabilities to the maximum. This incorporates psychomotor development also. In other words, the control, the resistance, and the body’s ability to physically limit itself will improve. Also, kids will start to know more about their own bodies.

2. Motor nerve coordination

Vigorous aerobics, for kids and for grown-ups, significantly improves motor nerve coordination. In addition to other things, they need to learn choreography and rhythm, which requires focus and consideration.

3. Mobility

Maintaining a schedule for aerobics for kids prevents their limbs from becoming stiff. It also allows their legs and arms to move freely. Aerobics for kids allows them to feel healthy from within and empowers them to take alternative initiatives than playing games or indulging in outdoor sports.

4. Better grades

Good grades

Scientifically, a healthy and fit body is linked with better brain performance. It is believed that with the increased flow of oxygen in the body, our brain is also enriched. So, aerobics for kids can help their nervous system function optimally. In such cases, kids perform academically well as they now read more, learn better, and are receptive & more retentive in nature.

5. Reduced mental health problems

How often is our mental health problem related to our body issues? Quite much! Kids often experience a lot of performance stress and peer pressure when they enter adolescence. However, aerobics for kids can help them release happiness hormones more often. Fitness exercises help us in releasing Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins, the happiness hormones, that further elevate our mood. Doing so can prevent kids from feeling the pressure and give them the strength to fight mental illness.


Hence, aerobics for kids is the most suggested physical form of activity that can build their character and develop their taste in dance and music. Involving them in aerobic exercises is a great decision, and both sports and exercises can become a key factor in their overall development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How often should my kids do aerobics?

A. 3-5 Days a week would be the most ideal number of times.

Q. What kind of aerobics should my child participate in?

A. Any of the above discussed activities can be chosen based on interest.

Q. At what age should my child be introduced to team building sports?

A. It can be as early as 6 years of age.

Q. How can I help my child involved in more physical activities?

A. By being physically active yourself. Remember children follow their parents’ footsteps.

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Saravanan “Sharu” Hariram is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for bodybuilding. Combining his love for fitness with his career, Sharu did his certification in Sports Nutrition, and Rehabilitation and Healing Nutrition. Currently a Master Trainer with HealthifyMe, he specializes in Weight Management, Marathon Training, and Physical Rehabilitation. In his 20+ years of experience, Sharu has always maintained that one’s mind must have control over their body in order to lead a healthy life. At HealthifyMe, he continues to follow his passion while helping those around him realise their fitness goals.

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