Tired of the treadmill and had enough of Zumba? Give your fitness routine a spin by getting onto a bicycle. We give you 10 reasons to start cycling today.

  1. It’s one of the easiest ways to exercise

    Cycling doesn’t need inordinate skills; just one that you picked up in childhood. You can ride a bicycle at any time, almost anywhere and at most times of the year. It also ensures that you get your “outdoor” time.

  2. It’s easy on the body

    Everyone may recommend running but cycling is much easier on your legs, knees, ankles and feet. In an interview, Andy Clarke, the president of the League of American Bicyclists, has said cycling “is far lower impact and engages the muscles in the legs without as much force coming down on the knees”.

  3. It improves cardiovascular health 

    Cycling uses the largest muscle groups – the legs – and raises the heart rate effectively. Research has shown that riding a bicycle to work will increase cardiovascular fitness by 3-7 percent.

  4. It keeps the heart healthy

    The British Medical Association has said that cycling 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50 percent.

  5. It helps build strength strength training

    If you thought cycling only exercised your legs, think again. Cycling builds strength holistically as it involves every single part of the body. It is especially good for strengthening leg muscles.

  6. It enhances muscle tone

    Ensuring that you schedule cycling sessions regularly, the activity enhances the muscle tone of the hips, thighs and legs. But you won’t see quick results as it improves muscle function gradually.

  7. It builds endurance

    Cycling can you help you build stamina over time, more so because it is an enjoyable form of exercise. Improve your stamina by combining longer sessions with set training programmes and a few lifestyle changes.

  8. It helps burn calories

    Steady cycling can help you burn between 300 and 350 calories per hour. Cycling 30 minutes every day could lead to a drop of over 5 kg a year. It’s a fun way to lose weight without going to the gym. After all, finding a workout that you love will ensure that you work out five days a week.

  9. It helps reduce stress

    Any exercise reduces stress and depression and enhances the feeling of well-being. Many studies have shown that bike commuters tend to have lower stress levels than people who use the car or take mass transit systems.

  10. It improves co-ordinationfitness routine

    Riding a bicycle is a balancing act and an activity that involves the whole body. It leads to improvement in arm-to-leg, feet-to-hands and body-to-eye coordination.

  11. It’s a fun way to exercise

    Getting on a bicycle brings back memories of being a child. Cycling allows you to make fitness a part of your day in a fun manner. The best part? It lets you explore the area around you thoroughly!

Find the right bicycle

If your bicycle is too big, it may lead to neck and back problems. Seat height is a critical component of easy riding sessions. A seat that’s set too low or too high may put stress on the knee and lead to kneecap pain. Ensure that the seat is positioned in a manner that when you pedal downwards to the lowest point, your leg is almost straight. There should be a small bend – about 10-15 degrees – in your knee.

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Written by Saravanan Hariram

Saravanan Hariram

“If you make a career out of your passion, you won’t have to work another day.” That’s a belief Saravanan “Sharu” Hariram has held, and since bodybuilding have always been deep interests, it is no surprise he chose to make fitness his profession.
A champion bodybuilder, Sharu realized early on that he loves teaching and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. That’s what makes him an ideal partner for HealthifyMe. Apart from American College on Exercise (ACE) certification, he has also been endorsed as a nutrition and fitness trainer by Fitness One India and DSW Fitness (USA).
Sharu’s goal is to stay fit at any age, and he believes that everyone else should aim for the same. Make small changes to your diet, and exercise, and give it 21 days to become a habit, he says. To lead a healthy life, he believes your mind must have control over your body and not the other way around. So think healthy, and stay fit.

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