let’s read about Rajesh kumar’s incredible transformation story at the age of 30 from 90 kg to 66.7 kg, 23.3 kg weight loss in 6 months.

Rajesh kumar's transformation StoryA day without junk food was an incomplete day for Rajesh Kumar Singh. Indulging in samosas, burgers and chowmein on a regular basis, caused a hike of 17 kg over a span of 2 years. His moment of realization arrived when the needle pointed at 90 kg in March, 2016 pushing him to take an oath to transform himself.

“I used to feel very heavy and I’d get exhausted easily. My clothes were getting tighter by the day, and there came a point when I couldn’t fit into them”, says Rajesh. Working as a sales executive at a pharmaceutical company, Rajesh’s job entailed him being in the field for a major part of the day which interfered with his food cycle. Missing out on meals, or eating at random hours – “ I used to have a heavy breakfast at 11 am, skip lunch, indulge in snacks at 3:30 pm and then directly have dinner after reaching home, around 11 pm”; combined with a distorted sleep cycle and poor lifestyle habits caused his weight to soar from 73 to 90 kg.

‘The HealthifyMe app has a huge database of Indian foods—which is exactly what I needed’  

Worried about his health, Rajesh started exploring fitness and weight loss apps. He tried a few and discarded them soonafter, since he felt that they didn’t serve his purpose. But when he came across HealthifyMe, he knew he had found what he needed! “The calorie tracker available in other apps was meant for Western diets, but HealthifyMe catered to my need – Indian food! It was exactly what I was looking for,” he says.   

Over the course of the next few months Rajesh worked hard at getting fit with HealthifyMe as his guide. “The app started by asking me my weight loss goal and then, according to my goal, laid down my calorie consumption and workout budget. Earlier, I didn’t know much about calories. I wasn’t sure of the role it played in weight-loss. Now, I know better. When I started using HealthifyMe, I used log my meals before having it, to understand how much I should eat, and what food items I should avoid. However, now with experience, I know what quantity of food is right for me and I can afford to log in my meals later,” he says.

food and water calorie counter

He also used the app’s water tracker to ensure that he stayed hydrated. “I drink a lot of water—about 14-15 glasses a day. I use the app’s water reminder feature to remind myself to drink water at regular intervals.”

‘I rely on the HealthifyMe blog for health tips and recipes’

Rajesh works out at a gym in his neighbourhood, where a fitness instructor guides him with weight loss exercises. “I focused on weight loss and cardio exercises like running on the treadmill, stationary cycling, planks, burpees, lunges, squats and leg raises, apart from basic yoga. But now that I have lost the required amount of weight, I have recently started strength training to build lean muscle,” he says.

Apart from his instructor, Rajesh relies on the HealthifyMe blog and other health articles available on the Internet to educate himself about fitness. “There is so much information on the HealthifyMe blog – nutritional material, benefits and risks of diets and workout regimes, healthy recipes and more, which proved to be incredibly useful and motivational for me,” he says.

‘I never skip a meal and go for regular walks every day’Rajesh kumar after transformation

Over the last six months, Rajesh has managed to bring about a commendable change in his lifestyle. From being someone who wasn’t regular to the gym, to working out for 90 minutes everyday. He’s also revamped his diet! It includes healthier food items such as oats, sprouts, egg whites, and fruits. Rajesh also manages to squeeze in a power walk after lunch and dinner, everyday. “I never skip a meal and go for regular walks every day,” he says.

‘Losing 23 kg is a big achievement’

More stamina, heaps of compliments, greater overall enthusiasm are some of the benefits Rajesh is enjoying as a result of his dramatic weight loss. But the biggest victory has been a psychological one. Successfully losing 23 kg in the span of six months has filled Rajesh with a sense of confidence and achievement and is motivating him to stick to his new lifestyle. “People in my office, apartment and locality keep asking me how I managed to lose so much weight. I feel losing 23 kg is not a simple thing and it is a big achievement. I receive so many compliments and also feel more energetic during the day. My goal now is to try and maintain this weight by not giving up my healthy habits,” he says, thankful about the role HealthifyMe played in his weight-loss journey.     

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