After-party purge: 5 ways to cleanse your system

Dr. Priyanka Marakini

August 3, 2023

5 tips to cleanse your system after the party
After the party: How do you cleanse your system?

The party’s over, and now it’s time to get back to a healthy lifestyle. And while experts are cautious about recommending juice cleanses and other extreme diets that rid the body of toxins, these small changes will aid the body’s natural detox process.

Don’t skip breakfast

You may wake up feeling full from all the irregular eating you’ve been doing, but force yourself to start the day with breakfast. It resets your body by getting your metabolism going, and mentally, helps you get back to your schedule.


Water is the best way to detox after drinking and fight dehydration. Alcohol acts like a diuretic, so it’s essential you replenish your body with water. Water also helps flush the toxins from all the drinks, food, smokes, etc in your system. And it helps you feel full, so you won’t be tempted to overeat too.

Start your day by drinking a large mug of hot water with lemon. Fill up a water bottle with lemon water and drink from it throughout the day. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, stick to herbal teas like dandelion, lemon grass or chamomile.

Eating fresh, raw and light foods

Give those chips, cakes and other rich goodies away or you’ll just eat them. Eat light, fresh and natural foods for the next two days; avoid processed, fried or foods with sauces. Stick to lean protein, fibrous veggies and fruits and try staying away from sweets for a few days too. Eat a good amount of fibre to keep your digestive system operating at a healthy rate.

Eat an afternoon snack because it’s important to keep your metabolism going so you don’t suddenly crash and begin another overeating session. A handful of almonds and a piece of fruit should do the trick.

Work up a sweat

Get moving for at least 45 minutes until you feel the sweat and your heart beating. Sweating is one of the natural ways our bodies detox, so if you’re not up for a workout, try sitting in a sauna.

Get back to sleeping regularly

Staying up way past your bedtime may have become a habit over the holidays, but you’re likely to make better decisions about everything from eating to finding time to exercise when you’re not exhausted. Aim for 7 to 9 hours per night.

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The holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Dr. Priyanka has more than 7 years of experience in the field of health and wellness. Currently serving as a Sr. Nutritionist at HealthifyMe, she specializes in Weight Management, Lifestyle Modifications, and PCOS, Diabetes, and Cholesterol Management. In addition to being a Nutritionist, Dr. Priyanka is also a Fitness Enthusiast and a certified Zumba instructor. A strong believer in eating healthy, she is certain that the right kind of motivation can help an individual work wonders in their lives.

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