The one feeling you experience the most when you put on excess weight is a loss of control. You can see the inches are piling up on your waist, arms and thighs and you are unable to motivate yourself to do anything about it. Why? Because brain resists change and will find excuses to put off exercising.

But snap out of inertia and trick your mind into getting into exercise mode. Here’s how:

The hurdle – I don’t want to exercise!

Get over it. Pick a personal goal, something that will really make you happy. Like getting back into that pair of skinny jeans or participating in next year’s marathon. If it helps, pin up a photo of yourself in that pair of jeans on your cupboard so that your goal is visible to you every day.

The hurdle – I don’t have time

Get over it. Start slow. Even 20 minutes a day is a good start. Gradually, add minutes to your routine as you get comfortable with it.

The hurdle – It’s too hard

Get over it. Accept that exercise is hard. Expect your muscles to ache, you will hate getting up early in the morning, you will feel tired. When you expect pain, you feel it less. But remember, any habit takes 21 days to form. So if you rough it out in the initial two weeks, chances are high that you will reach your goal.

The hurdle – I don’t feel motivated

Get over it. Set a realistic goal. Say, dropping five kilos in two months. Once you achieve this, set and move to the next.

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Written by Team HealthifyMe

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