HealthifyMe Celebrates World Yoga Day


July 5, 2019

What better way to celebrate World Yoga Day than an early morning salutation to the sun?

Over 70 enthusiastic Bangaloreans gathered together at the Landscape amphitheater at Freedom Park to participate in HealthifyMe’s World Yoga Day event in partnership with Brekkie on Sunday, June 21.

HealthigyMe - Yoga Day EventThe event began at 6.45 am with a yoga session by HealthifyMe expert Pragya Bhatt.Thankfully, the weather held up beautifully. Participants were of all age groups, many attempting yoga for the first time. They were happy to use the yoga mats HealthifyMe was handing out and game to try out the warm-up exercises, Surya Namaskar and other asanasincluding twists and warrior poses. The 45-minute session culminated with deep-breathing exercises pranayama and shavasana.

HealthigyMe - Yoga Day Event

Pragya talked participants through all the moves, explaining the benefits of each asana. “Don’t overdo any of the poses, and focus on your breathing,” she counseled before the session began. Afterwards, there was a Q&A session between the experts and participants. “Now you should make yoga a regular practice,” Pragya urged.


HealthigyMe - Yoga Day Event

After the session Brekkie, the healthy breakfast home delivery service in Bangalore, served a delicious repast of sandwiches and bowls of cereal and fresh fruit.

brekkie on world yoga dayAbout the event, Nikhil Moorjani, head of sales and marketing at HealthifyMe, says, “World Yoga Day is an occasion to spread awareness about yoga and encourage more people to embrace it, and we are happy to contribute to this cause.”

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  1. Yoga is important in everyone’s life. Research shows yoga can help manage stress, ease depression and anxiety, improve mood, and enhance sleep quality.
    I liked your article. The way you explain is simple and easy to understand

  2. This is a time to call India Rise and its just because of Yoga. !! I love this post.
    Hey healthifyme I am seeking Guest Post opportunities do you accept guest post ?

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