Sugar is the new fat, say doctors and scientists. New research establishes how it leads to obesity, poor heart health and increased risk of diabetes and has also been linked to certain cancers. What is scarier is the fact that it is addictive in nature. Good news is that you can safely indulge your sweet cravings by controlling portions and simple tricks to fool satiety centres in the brain.

Keep it to a bite

When you are craving ice-cream even a teaspoon full will satisfy you. The idea is to eat sweet but in controlled portions. suggests never breach the 150-calorie threshold when it comes to sweets.

Make fruits your choice versus candy
Pick Fruits for that sweet fix

Pick fruit not cake

Natural sugars in fruit will indulge your sweet tooth without burdening your system with calories and in addition indulge your health with goodness of fiber and essential nutrients.

Chew gum

The motion of mastication fools the brain into believing that you are eating food when you are only chewing on a gum.

Walk it out

Take a short walk; it will take your mind off sugar.

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