Putting in long hours at work can rob you of time to work out. But don’t worry, you can stay active and exercise even when at your office. Here’s how:

Up at 30
Get up from your chair after every 30 minutes and walk around for a bit. Regular movement increases blood flow to all parts of the body and hence makes you feel active.

Move your feet, not fingers
Every time you have to talk to your co-worker, walk to her desk and talk rather than communicate through chat or email.

Get your own coffee Take that trip to the coffee machine across the hall instead of asking a peon to get a cup for you.

Skip the lift
Take the stairs instead.

Walk to the car
Walk to the car park instead of calling your driver to pick you up.

Stretch by the desk
Sitting on your chair, flex your knees and stretch your legs. To relieve a stressed back, place your palms on the edge of your desk, slowly push your chair back so that your arms stretch and bring your forehead down on to the desk. Relax an aching neck by slowly rotating it 360 degrees while you keep your shoulders straight. Or, tilt your neck first towards the right shoulder and then to the left. Repeat these stretches according to your need and comfort.

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Written by Team HealthifyMe

Team HealthifyMe

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