Your days are packed, and exercise never makes it to your to-do list. But exercise is necessary. Learn how to squeeze in exercise into your busy day.
If a chunk of your day goes in listening into conference calls or sitting in at meetings, why not get some exercise while you’re at it:
While on a conference call
– Use a handsfree and walk up and down as you talk and listen.
– Store some light weights under your desk. Do some bicep, tri-cep and shoulder strengthening exercise while you listen into that call.
– Do some simple stretches.
At a meeting 

– Do some isometric contractions while at a meeting. Here’s how you do it: Simply draw your abdominal muscles in and contract without holding your breath. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat this for at least 5 minutes.


You’ve heard this a million times. But we’ll say it again, hoping this time it makes a difference. Stair-climbing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Just 15 to 20 minutes of it a few times a week can be a boon for your health. So say NO to that elevator or escalator, and take a flight of stairs — you’ll do your heart a favour.

We all take walking for granted. While it surely doesn’t burn as many calories as a fast-paced workout, squeezing in 15 minutes of walk, daily can be very beneficial. So, park your car a little further away and walk to your destination. Leave your bike or car behind, and walk to the nearby grocery store. Walk whenever and to wherever you can.

Written by Team HealthifyMe

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