In colder climates, at this time of the year people are prone to winter depression (seasonal affective disorder). One of its effects is weight gain. This can be disruptive for those on a weightloss program.

This season’s go-to foods are usually energy-dense, which tend to be sweeter and fattier and are therefore high in calories. The cold keeps you indoors, away from the sunlight. The lack of vitamin D reduces fat breakdown and triggers fat storage.

While October is more pleasant, allowing people to enjoy long walks, those of us up north are heading into the coldest months of the season, when we prefer staying on the sofa, watching TV and eating junk. Less active, our metabolism slows. Here are some tips to kick-start it:

Eat light

The key is to eat more home-cooked food rather than processed food and beverages. Ensure you have five portions of fruits and vegetables daily. Satisfy your food cravings with healthier alternatives – if you desire something sweet, eat dry fruits like dates and raisins, and choose vegetable soup over any other bottled beverages.

Stick to small portions but frequent meals to improve your metabolic rate.

Stay on the move

Increase your exercise warm-up time as when the temperature drops, your muscles tend to become stiff. Include more stretching exercises to beat that. I would also up the time spent on or add aerobic activities which will help to burn more calories.

Apart from exercising, it’s important to keep active at other times during this season. Do gardening work, walk don’t drive to the nearby store, walk your dog, use the stairs instead of elevators at work, in the mall or at home. I’d even recommend buying a cycle. All of this helps burn extra calories and maintain your metabolic rate which, because of the weather, lowers this time of year.

Winters is also marathon season, with a lot of first time marathoners hoping to make it to the end zone. If this is your first time and you’re training for the marathon, make sure you’re dressed warmly and with the right shoes. For a firm grip, try shoes with studs. For those of you who’re in general training, stay indoors and use the treadmill, stationary bike and weight training to keep your heart rate up.

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Written by Suressh Kumar

Suressh Kumar

Money can’t buy you a good metabolism – it’s something you have to work towards by adapting a healthy lifestyle and incorporating a fitness regiment into your daily routine, says Suressh Kumar. A fitness trainer certified by Karnataka Fitness Academy, Fit India and ACE, Surressh specialises in marathon and sports performance training as well. His fondness for fitness saw him veering away from a career in computers, to become a full-time trainer. He loves that people see him as a role model and calls his fitness routine life-changing, an experience he’d like users of HealthifyMe to undergo too. Using benchmarks like lifestyle, cardio-endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and eating habits to determine how healthy you are, Suressh believes his fitness tips will help boost stamina and improve build. After he sets six month goals in keeping with your age, watch your workout work wonders!

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  1. I live in UK . My job includes walking for seven and a half hours. Four days a week. I am 44 yrs. Do I still need to work out rest of the days?

    • Repeating any activity of the same intensity over a period of time will cease to give you results as the body adapts to the intensity and repetitive nature of activity. Therefore in order to see results, you have to play around with intensity and duration. What you also need to understand is that for weight loss and fat burn you need to make the activity a cardio one. Cardio means any activity that increases your heart rate – it has to make you breathless or pull you slightly out of your comfort zone. So your walking has to be at such intensity. You can also introduce strength training to your workout increasing your metabolism and thereby burning more calories.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Right message at the right time . Am feeling very happy to loose (wieght)….Happily loosing n credit goes to suresh n team. 😉