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Anup Bhatnagar’s Amazing Transformation Story


April 30, 2021

Let’s read about Anup Bhatnagar’s amazing transformation from 83.6 kg to 70.5 kg in 6 months, weight loss of 13.1 kg in 6 months.

Before Transformation

A ground staffer in the aviation industry, Anup Bhatnagar had dreams of a soaring career! The only thing weighing him down was the weight he had gained in the last 5 years.

“My job entails spending long hours at airports and plenty of travel,” says Anup, who works in the audit department in the aviation sector. Irregular work hours, messed up sleep cycle-  sleeping through the morning and working late at night and eating out on a regular basis, had a huge impact on his health. When he realised he was gaining weight, Anup began to skip his meals. “I thought it would help me slim down but it only ended up messing up my routine and I found myself gaining even more weight,” says the Noida resident.

When Anup’s weight touched a high of 83.6 kg in March 2016, his health began deteriorating. His blood pressure and cholesterol shot up, he started suffering from chronic headaches, developed fatty liver and felt lethargic all day long.

‘At first, I did not understand how eating frequently would help me lose weight. I do now!’

On a flight, Anup was going through a magazine where he came across an ad about HealthifyMe. His doctor had advised him to lose weight, so he decided to give the mobile app a shot. He started with a free week-long trial session at the end of which he decided to continue with the programme and enrolled formally.After Transformation

Anup’s case was assigned to diet coach Ritu Chawla and fitness coach Ganesh Paramashiva who put him on a weight loss diet and advised him to increase his physical activity. “Ritu told me to eat every two hours, which really puzzled me. I did not understand how eating more frequently would help me lose weight,” he says. Of course, the mystery is clear to him now, and he makes it a point to stick closely to his diet plan and remain in touch with his coach who monitors him throughout the day.

‘I’m now up at 5.45 AM every morning’

Anup’s lifestyle has now undergone a complete transformation for the better. Although he hasn’t started on a proper exercise and fitness regimen yet—he admits he has been lazy on that front—strict control over his diet and some basic physical activity like brisk walking have helped him successfully lose 13 kg within six months.

Ritu says Anup’s biggest problem was the lack of a proper routine and that fixing his routine coupled with close monitoring of his lifestyle was responsible for his weight loss. “I tried to ensure that he controlled the portions he ate and had his meals at the right time. I used to change his diet every 15 days so that he did not get bored of what he was eating,” she explains.

Anup is now up at 5.45 am every morning and starts his day with detox water made from an infusion of lemon and fruits. He then proceeds for an hour-long walk and follows it up with a breakfast of healthy ingredients like whole grain cereals, egg whites and and sprouts. He’s started having plenty of salad and raita at lunch and dinner, and no carbs at night. During the day, he snacks on dry fruits, murmura, fruit, green tea or black coffee when he’s hungry.

Ritu kept a close eye on Anup’s lifestyle and encouraged him to log in his diet and physical activity regularly on the HealthifyMe app so that she could monitor his progress. Although he has experienced a reasonable amount of weight loss, Anup still has 5 kg more to lose to meet his goal. “Realistically speaking, I think it will take another six months for Anup to reach his target weight, primarily because of the winter season, and its effect on metabolism.  People tend to indulge during this season and go slow on physical activity due to the weather”, says Ritu.

‘All my health problems have disappeared’

Anup has been receiving a lot of compliments for his weight loss and he says he is thrilled to be able to fit into his old pair of denims once again. “My waist measurement has gone from 40 to 37,” he says. “I also feel more energetic now. I am able to spend more time with my children and all my health problems have disappeared.” Although he has avoided a proper fitness and exercise regimen, Anup plans to take it up now to further improve his fitness. “I could never have done it without HealthifyMe’s intervention,” he says.

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