If you want to torch calories – and who doesn’t? – try spinning. A 45-50-minute session can help you lose up to 500 calories. A also comes with the guarantee of never being monotonous.

Spinning is similar to stationary cycling but with certain differences—a spin bike has an open flywheel that controls the intensity of the workout and handles that are lower to simulate racing. Both spinning and stationary cycling also differ in terms of the type of workouts they provide. A spinning exercise session is typically held in groups in a fitness studio. The instructor belts out directions amid beats of pulsating music to keep you energised and motivated.

We give you seven reasons to start spinning today:

  • You’ll sweat loads: With an average of 500 calories burned per session, spinning is one of the best ways to lose weight. It tones up the legs and abdomen and also improves cardiovascular health.
  • It’s less risky: There’s less of a chance injuring yourself than jogging or walking. A low-impact workout, spinning is kind to the knees and feet. It is suitable for people with arthritis and useful for certain types of injury rehab.shutterstock_179141894 (Copy)
  • It can be done all year round: Unlike running or actual cycling, spinning isn’t done outdoors, which means you can do it all year round. You don’t have to switch to an alternative exercise regimen because of the weather.
  • It’s a super stress-buster: All exercises help relieve stress but spinning has an edge because it is done in groups of anywhere between six to 20 participants, which makes it a more social activity. The instructor takes you on imaginary journeys over hills and valleys and there is great music to help you destress.

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  • It builds mental strength: All workouts help build mental strength but spinning offers a relatively easy way of doing it. Like other exercises, hopping onto the spin bike regularly is the key to benefitting from the activity. There will be good days and bad but consistency is key. The fact that it is a group activity has the additional benefit of motivating participants by fostering mild competition.
  • It can be modified to benefit the entire body: Modifications by the instructor can transform spinning into a whole body workout. Spinning affects the legs, abdomen and cardiovascular system, but variations can strengthen the upper body as well. Studios have been known to incorporate variations inspired by basketball dribbling to involve the upper body.

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  • There’s no pressure: Since participants themselves control the amount of resistance the spin bike offers, there’s no excessive pressure. There are no complicated movements to follow and no fear of falling behind as the entire class begins and finishes together.

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Written by Shaik Moyeenuddin

Shaik Moyeenuddin

A fitness enthusiast from a young age, Shaik Moyeenuddin was so inspired by workouts that the former MBA decided that crunches had to become his career. An ACE-certified fitness specialist, he is also a Body Transformation Specialist certified by Physique Elite and regular contributor to publications like Stayfit, Fitness Guru, Pulse and Posedownmag.com. He believes his productivity has gone up along with his push-up count, and says he feels “younger, smarter and more confident” than ever at this stage in his life. Calling himself more a coach than trainer, his goal is to inspire HealthifyMe users to appreciate how fitness can be a transforming experience. Trainer to CEOs and politicians today, Shaik evaluates fitness levels based on a client’s approach to life, lifestyle and strength, for which he tests their muscle endurance, core strength, agility, speed, cardio-vascular strength and balance. His advice to fitness buffs? Eat healthy and don’t tie yourself to targets, enjoy your workout instead.

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