10 reasons why meditation is good for you

Manoj Bahuguna

January 27, 2021

It’s not easy staying on top of things, especially when a million things are pulling you in every direction. For a lot of people who fail to deal with the pressure, burnout results in several mental and physiological health problems.

The age-old practice of meditation has a proven record of curing health-related problems. Here are 10 reasons why chanting ‘aum’ should come before seeking a doctor’s appointment:

#1 It lowers stress and reduces depression

Research published in the journal Health Psychology associated meditation with feeling less stressed and linked it with decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It can also help reduce levels of depression and anxiety, multiple studies have shown.lowers stress and reduces depression

#2 It makes you happier

Studies indicate meditation may increase your capacity for happiness. It causes the pituitary gland in our brain to secrete endorphins that help elevate mood and have a positive effect on the whole body. That should explain the blissful expressions on monks!

#3 It can boost memory and awareness

Researchers from the University of California found that college students who meditated performed better on their verbal reasoning section of an examination. That’s because meditation improves our concentration levels!boost memory and awareness

#4 It may help you get along with others better

Meditation is known to change brain waves, leading to higher levels of alpha brain waves that are associated with a state of wakeful relaxation. This helps reduce negative moods and feelings like anger, tension and sadness.

#5 It will make you smarter – quickly!

Several studies found participants had denser grey matter after just a few weeks of meditating. Highly recommended for students appearing for exams!meditation makes you smarter

#6 It is good for your heart

Meditation has been lined to decreased blood pressure and a more variable heart rate, according to research at the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention.

#7 It can help boost your immune system

Meditation may actually help ward off the flu! It increases the left-side brain activity, as found by researchers at the University of Wisconsin as part of their study. Generally, the higher the left-side brain activity, the great the immune response.immune system

#8 It helps you sleep better

Say goodbye to insomnia! A University of Utah study found that participants who meditated reported having slept better. And we know how important a good night’s sleep is! The respondents also reported better control over their behaviour during the day.

#9 It lowers blood pressure

Research has also shown that meditation can reduce blood pressure by decreasing psychological stress and increasing the body’s coping ability.meditation lowers blood pressure

#10 It works as a natural pain reliever

A new study by researchers at Wake Forest University suggests that meditation provides pain relief. A similar study found that meditation activates the orbitofrontal and anterior cingulate cortex, parts of the brain associated with pain control. At the same time, it deactivates the thalamus which regulates sensory information. This may cause signals about pain to simply fade away.

About the Author

Manoj Kumar Bahaguna did his Master's in Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. An expert in Yoga for Weight Loss and Therapeutic Yoga, Manoj served simultaneously at Mental Health Institute of Dehradun and District Hospital, Dehradun, for 6 years. As a freelancer in Rishikesh, he conducted Yoga classes for anybody that was willing to learn. Continuing to follow his passion for the discipline, Manoj currently serves as a Yoga Subject Matter Expert at HealthifyMe.

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