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Weight Loss Stories – How Dr. Darshan Lost 40 kgs in 8 Months

Misbah Fathima

August 24, 2023

Name: Dr. Darshan

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Profession: Gynaecologist

Before HealthifyMe 

I was always overweight, even while growing up. I was focused on my studies and academics, neglecting sports and physical activity. I weighed 112 kgs by the age of 24. The highest weight recorded was 117 at 29 years! Being a doctor, I always knew the health consequences but never had the push to start a weight loss journey.

The turning point

I had a very stressful and busy lifestyle with absolutely no focus on fitness and nutrition. 

One of my colleagues introduced me to HealthifyMe 2 years ago, but I didn’t take it seriously. Later in February 2020, I learned more about the app from YouTube & social media which helped me decide to sign up on the HealthifyMe app.

Coaches at HealthifyMe 

My official fitness coach was Rahul Bhandari, and he has helped me immensely with understanding my body type. He provided me with the exact workout schedule I needed, guided me regularly, and monitored my progress. And I can’t forget Zayed, who was my motivation and support throughout the weight loss journey. 

Weight loss transformation journey

Transformation – total weight loss was 40 kgs, waist size reduction of 9 inches (from 40 to 31 inches), and visceral fat reduction of 23 percent. There was also improvement in stamina and flexibility with increased activity and enthusiasm!

Tips/Things that worked well throughout the transformation journey

Specific things that helped me was:

  • Calorie deficient but nutritionally complete diet
  • Adequate protein intake
  • Low-carbohydrate diet
  • High fiber intake
  • Consistent work out with variations

Favorite features on the HealthifyMe app

My favorite features are the calorie tracker and macronutrient insights. Also, the extensive database with accurate information customized to all regions with recipes. The voice-guided workout schedule is pretty good too!

The most significant change in lifestyle after Joining HealthifyMe

The most significant change after joining HealthifyMe was tracking every meal and adjusting macros as per requirement, also logging weight consistently and analyzing the track. 

Breaking down barriers

I never felt like giving up because of the excellent support I had from HealthifyMe and the expected results I got. 

Reactions from friends and family after the transformation

My friends and family are thrilled with my transformation. In fact, I have become a celebrity and influence many by my results!

How do I feel now – after achieving my goal?

After this achievement, I feel really good about myself, because I have won over my weakness and insecurities.

I am happy to lead a healthy lifestyle now and inspire people to achieve their fitness goals.

I think that dedication and consistency can help to achieve anything!

Inspired by Darshan’s weight loss transformation? Our coaches can help you. 

Disclaimer: The results can and may vary for you. Let us help determine the best approach for you to achieve your goal.

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