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Web Stories – 8 Secret Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Sarah Gaur

February 4, 2022

A glass of red wine with a home-cooked meal and some soothing music is a great way to end our day. Be it cabernet sauvignon with steak or Sangiovese with cheesy pizza, different types of wine can pair up nicely with various foods. However, you can reap all the excellent benefits of red wine only when you pair it with a meal and not alone. 

Red Wine was first produced for the first time in Georgia in 6000 B.C. Georgia is thus known as the ‘cradle of wine’. Wine is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting the juice of dark-skinned grapes. The production process includes the extraction of colour and flavour components from the fruit’s skin. France, Italy, and Spain are the top wine-producing regions globally. However, it is a delicacy around the world.

About the Author

A nutritionist by profession and a writer by passion, Sarah holds an MSc. in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune. She believes in changing lives, one meal at a time with a holistic approach towards overall healing. Her mission is to modify the nutritional habits and behaviors of our next generation to optimize their long-term health and reduce the likelihood of metabolic diseases. Apart from working, she loves to sing, swirl scribble and spread smiles.

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