Web Stories – 6 Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

Hiral Patel

March 2, 2022

Losing weight isn’t a cakewalk. It takes blood, sweat, and hard work to shed unwanted body fat. Sadly, there are no shortcuts to becoming a healthier and fitter you! But, what we do have are –  healthy and active ways to do the same. Garlic is one such ingredient that you can try for weight loss. 

Yes, this odoriferous herb has numerous health benefits, known since ancient times. This bulb-shaped, medicinal herb helps cut down fat and its accumulation in innumerable ways. Let’s find out more about it below:

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According to Hiral, “Striving to be better than yesterday, is the key to achieving any goal that is ahead of you”. As a diet and lifestyle consultant, Hiral intends to help her clients inculcate habits such as healthy eating and regular exercise to improve their lifestyle holistically for a better tomorrow. She also aims to make her clients feel good from the inside-out and bring about a positive change to their overall life.

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