Web Stories – 12 Health Benefits of Tamarind

Mehak Shah

January 25, 2022

Tamarind is a type of tropical fruit used in many dishes worldwide. It is fruit, and its seeds are great for health. Therefore, it is a staple in many households. It is a hardwood tree known scientifically as Tamarindus indicus. The tree is native to Asia and Africa and primarily grows in tropical climates. The tree produces pods of fruit that taste sweet and sour. It has a date-like texture. 

India and Thailand are its highest producers. However, it is a staple ingredient in Asian cuisines apart from African and Middle Eastern recipes. Tamarinds are known as leguminous trees as their fruit is a bean-like pod and is also known as ‘the date of India’. You may extract the fruit from fresh pods. Then, people use it to make its paste or concentrate.  

About the Author

Mehak holds masters in foods and nutrition from Amity university, Noida. She has a keen interest in public health and nutrition and has been in charge of various projects with milestone NGO. She has worked with people over the globe to bring out the changes in their lives and has always been working towards lifestyle modifications via good dietary practices. According to her a healthy lifestyle is not about the destination but all about the journey.

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