Transform your physique using your own body

Shaik Moyeenuddin

August 3, 2023

I have a saying that goes, “If you can’t lift and move your own bodyweight, you have no business setting foot in a weight-room.”

Building a good physique has long been associated with spending long hours at the gym, lifting dumbbells and repping out on every set. But before the rise of machines, weights and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) there was bodyweight training. Used by nearly every military organization throughout history, bodyweight training itself continues to evolve in ways that push the body and athleticism to places many of us never thought possible.

I am building my career helping people transform their bodies by using just their bodies and at Healthifyme, can show users why my routine works. A 30 minute free-style workout – of 100 push-ups, 100 dips, 150 body weight lunges, 50 plyometric jumps and 5 sets of 45 seconds wall sits, etc – won’t just help you pack a good amount of muscle; it increases other parameters of fitness including vertical jump, agility, conditioning and power. Here’s why I think it’s the best workout:

Use your own weight for hypertrophic training Muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle fibre size) comes down to one simple thing: overload stimulus. Whether that ‘stimulus’ comes from machines, dumbbells or your own body weight doesn’t matter, so long as the body is being forced to increase strength and build muscle to keep up with the demands placed upon it.

You’ll burn more fat Because bodyweight training has the ability to engage all the large muscles of the body in a single movement, it can burn more calories per work out.

Saves time and money Bodyweight drills also allow you to easily transition between cardio and resistance training helping you save time while garnering maximum results. It requires no equipment or gym membership, making it ideal for those trying to get fit on a budget. Plus, the money you save can be invested in high-quality food sources like organic meats and eggs – nutritional choices that can pay off big time.

No excuses to back down Most people claim they can’t work out because they don’t have enough time to get to the gym. With bodyweight training, any space can become your gym.

Works for all ages and sizes Whether it be jumping jacks, hard-core circuit training, yoga or light aerobics, bodyweight training has something to offer all, making it a great methodology for everyone from kids to professional athletes and to the elderly.

About the Author

Shaik Moyeenuddin (or Moin, as he is known to those around him) completed his MBA from Bangalore University before choosing to change the path his career would take. He became a Certified Personal Trainer from ACE, specializing in Weight Management, and Strength and Conditioning. Moin has been a regular contributor to more than 15 different fitness magazines in his 6 years in the field. Having joined a bunch of like-minded individuals at HealthifyMe, he currently serves as Principal Fitness Trainer at the company. "Eat healthy and don’t tie yourself to targets, enjoy your workout instead," he says to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels.

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