Sugarcane Juice – Benefits, Nutrition, Disadvantages

Alpa Momaya

April 11, 2023

There’s nothing better than a chilled glass of sugarcane juice on a hot summer day. But, have you wondered what are the benefits of sugarcane juice? Sugarcane, a grass plant that can be found in 36 varieties, has no fats and is a 100 percent natural drink.

An 8-ounce serving, approximately 240 ml of sugarcane juice (with no additives) contains 98kcal. It has zero cholesterol and small amounts of fat, fiber and protein. It also contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

You would think that this sugar-rich drink is a popular summer drink that keeps you hydrated. However, it has numerous health benefits but we’ve rounded up 10 of them for you.

Nutrition Value of Sugarcane Juice

One serving (28.35 grams) of sugarcane juice contains.

Protein0.3 grams
Fat0.5 grams
Carbohydrates22.8 grams


Though sugarcane juice is considered to be healthy, it is high in carbohydrates and sugar. It can spike blood sugar levels and thus should be consumed in moderation.

10 Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

1. Gives you a shot of instant energy

There’s a reason sugarcane juice sells at most roadside kiosks in summer.

It’s the best way to energize yourself and ensure you don’t experience dehydration. The simple sugars in the juice are easily absorbed by the body and are used to replenish sugar levels.

2.Enhances liver function

Sugarcane juice is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and helps support the health of vital organs such as the liver.

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Studies find sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature, it helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body.

3. Help the body fight cancer

Studies have shown that the plant polyphenols in sugarcane juice have a high antioxidant and anti cancer activity. It’s good to make sugarcane juice a regular part of your diet.

4. It eases the digestive system

Among other benefits of sugarcane juice it also is exceptional for people suffering from digestive distress.

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The potassium in sugarcane juice balances the pH levels in the stomach. Drinking sugarcane juice also keeps one hydrated and helps with regular bowel movements. It also helps prevent stomach infections.

5. Helpful for people with diabetes

Though the high sugar content in sugarcane juice may make diabetics wary of consuming this juice. But, in moderation, sugarcane juice can benefit diabetics, the natural sugar has a low glycemic index that prevents frequent spikes in blood glucose levels.

Studies also reflect that sugarcane contains various polyphenols that help in better managing diabetic conditions and also offer antioxidants to the body.  

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6. Maintains kidney health

Being a natural zero-cholesterol, low-sodium food, with no saturated fats, sugarcane juice helps to keep the kidneys healthy.

7. It alleviates pain associated with UTIs

If consumed in a diluted form, with lime juice and coconut water, sugarcane juice can help reduce body inflammation by increasing your fluid intake and help manage symptoms better, like urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and prostatitis.

8. Aids in the development of bones and teeth

Back in the day, chewing on a sugarcane stick used to be a regular pastime for young children and adolescents.

Apart from keeping them occupied, the calcium-rich benefits of sugarcane juice also ensures proper development of the skeletal system, bones, and teeth.

9. Keeps bad breath & tooth decay at bay

Experiencing bad breath linked to tooth decay? Sugarcane juice can be your saving grace.

Sugarcane is rich in minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, and also helps build tooth enamel and strengthen teeth, ensuring they are prone to decay. It also overcomes bad breath caused due to the deficiency of these nutrients.

10. Can help cure acne

Topical use of sugarcane juice has the ability to help reduce and cure skin problems such as acne. Since sugarcane juice contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid, it increases cell turnover.

HealthifyMe Note

The high sugar content of sugarcane juice may cause lots of people to avoid consuming this natural summer drink. However there are many studies that show a lot of health benefits of sugarcane juice making it a healthy beverage even for diabetics when consumed in moderation.

Moderation is the key here. Choose only pure sugarcane juice without any added preservatives and flavours. One can certainly consume it regularly and reap its health benefits.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is just to share knowledge and spread awareness. It does not intend to replace medical advice by professionals. For further information please contact our certified nutritions Here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it good to drink sugarcane juice daily?

A: Drinking sugarcane juice daily has several health benefits. Being a natural low-cholesterol, low-sodium food, with no saturated fats, sugarcane juice helps keep the kidneys in top shape. The high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese makes sugarcane juice alkaline in nature. The presence of flavonoids helps the body fight off cancerous cells, especially prostate and breast cancer.  The calcium-rich benefits of sugarcane juice also ensure proper development of the skeletal system and take care of issues related to them.  It also is exceptionally good for people suffering from digestive distress. The potassium in sugarcane juice balances the pH levels in the stomach, facilitates the secretion of digestive juices, and keeps the system on track. It also helps prevent stomach infections.

Q. What happens when we drink sugarcane juice?

A: Sugarcane has the highest sucrose content. So this natural supply of sucrose in sugarcane gives your body just the right amount of energy and normalises the release of glucose in your body to regain lost sugar levels. It also fights fatigue by hydrating the body. 

Q. What is the best time to drink sugarcane juice?

A: The best time to have a glass of sugarcane juice is right after being out in the sun for too long as it is an instant energiser and hydrates the body with all necessary nutrients. You may also have sugarcane juice after workout sessions for the same reason. 

Q. Which is better, coconut water or sugarcane juice?

A: Coconut water can be consumed in its most natural form, without any processing, so will be preferred over sugar cane juice which requires processing.

Q. Is sugarcane juice good for urine?

A: Sugarcane juice has great diuretic properties. Consuming sugarcane juice eliminates toxins from your body that help prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones by ensuring the proper functioning of kidneys. Having sugarcane juice with coconut water and lemon juice is an excellent remedy for the burning sensations in the urinary tract.

Q. Does sugarcane make you fat?

A: Despite the fact that sugarcane is naturally sweet it does not contribute to weight gain. The sweeter in sugarcane, sucrose, is very healthy and is essentially required by the body to maintain the sugar level in the body. Opposite to popular belief, sugarcane boost metabolism and hence, accelerate weight loss. 

Q. Is sugarcane juice cold or hot for the body?

A: Sugarcane has a cold potency and is thus coupled with its instant energiser properties, it is an unparalleled drink for summers. It also hydrates the body and keeps stomach and urinary tract infections at bay.

Q. Why is lemon added to sugarcane juice?

A: Lemon has several benefits of its own. It detoxifies your body and boosts immunity.  Adding lemon or lime to sugarcane juice amplifies the benefits of both. Further, the citrus content raises the pH level and reacts with the impurities to form insoluble calcium organic compounds that can be removed from the juice.

Q. Can sugarcane cause diabetes?

A: No sugarcane will not cause diabetes but people with diabetes should be a little cautious about consuming this juice too much. Some studies even suggest that when consumed in moderation, sugarcane juice can benefit diabetics. Natural sugar has a low glycemic index that prevents frequent spikes in blood glucose levels.

Q. Is sugarcane juice good for hair growth? 

A: Drinking sugarcane juice is great for your hair as it promotes hair growth. Drinking sugarcane juice daily can result in healthy, smooth and lustrous hair. 
Applying sugarcane juice to the scalp conditions the hair and improves its texture and nourishes the scalp thereby preventing dryness.

Q. Does sugarcane reduce belly fat?

A; Drinking sugarcane juice on a regular basis has been shown to promote the body’s natural cleansing process, thereby eliminating toxins from the system and boosting metabolism. This detoxification process can dramatically speed up weight loss.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome piece of news! Icy Cold Sugar Cane juice with lemon juice adds the oomph! So thirst quenching and simply yummy! What more then, that we learn it is good for health! Yeah!

  2. What are the potential risks of sugarcane? Although there are health benefits to sugarcane, please still keep in mind that consuming too much sugar (no matter the source, refined or natural) may increase risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Moderate use is always key to maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

  3. Thanks i appreciate you for your explanation on sugar cane juice. Pls i have thyroid problem i would to take but natural treatment can you be of help?.

  4. My pleasure to know about sugarcane juice. Unfortunately it is often extracted at very unhealthy spots.

  5. Have be chewing the sugar cane sticks full time and part time, I feel it is worth it

  6. Thanks for this write-up.I have a sugar cane in my garden but I’ve been afraid of eating it because of tooth ache and the sugar it contains but now am going to start eating it.????

  7. Thank you Alpa for highlighting importance of Sugarcane Juice. It actually eases the digestive system, along with that people with digestion disorders should consume it for better gut health

  8. I love this juice ever, even I drink it yesterday But I didn’t know that it is so beneficial for health. Thank you for helping me to know about this juice, I’m really glad to you.

  9. Congratulations on promoting that juice. However, according to Ayurvedic treatises Charaka and Sushruta Samhitas, the sugarcane juice should not be taken raw as it causes indigestion due to presence of worms.

    The same goes for sugarcane sugar or gur. Never to be eaten fresh, it should be aged for 1 year.

    • Hello Mithilesh,

      Unfortunately, it does not help in weight gain. Sugar cane juice is known to have qualities that reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body and contains natural sugars. This coupled with the fact that it is high in soluble fibre makes it an ideal drink for losing weight.

      Hope this helps you.

  10. Informative.
    Adding lime juice and pudina or ginger in tiny quantity goes a far way in weight loss journey.
    Also triphala powder to sugar cane juice is a step closer in weight loss journey.

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