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Meal Prep 101 Feature Image
August 4, 2023

Run Prep 101: What to Eat Before the 10K this Weekend

Endurance training – Check Never ending long runs – Check Meal prep -? All set for race day? The TCS World 10K is happening in Bangalore this weekend. One very essential part of your training is keeping track of what to eat. Not just throughout your training but a few days before the race as […]

By Alpa Momaya

Minal Feature Image
December 28, 2021

Runner Mom Breaks Through the Weight Loss Plateau

Breaking through a weight loss plateau and losing an extra 10 kg in just two months is not an easy task. Minal, who weighed 85 kg, is the symbol of sheer strength and willpower when it comes to this. Not only did she lose 20 kg on her own, but she also ran her first […]

By Habil

New year resolution
August 4, 2023

10 Simple Ways to Start Running #NewYearRevolution

Are you one of the many people who have resolved to start running this 2017? Then it is important to start with a caveat: many of those who begin the activity give up after a short while. Why? Some major reasons are:   The inability to get up early in the morning! You may face […]

By Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

July 9, 2019

Cross-Country Running: Taking your first steps

Cross-country running is different from other forms of running because in this you’re not just competing with the competition, but it’s also a mental challenge in naturally varying terrains. You run over several surfaces – from grass to mud to asphalt to gravel to dirt. You encounter hills, streams, rivulets, sharp turns, logs and bridges […]

By Dileep B. Shivaram

September 18, 2019

Running gear guide: Anatomy of a Running Shoe

We all know that running shoes are different from any other casual shoes as these shoes are specially designed for the activity of hitting the road. Over the years, there has been a drastic change in demand for running shoes and the primary reason is that more and more people are starting to run, and […]

By Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram