Is your once-successful diet and workout not working out anymore? Chances are you’ve hit a weightloss plateau.

Fitness enthusiasts who’ve lost weight managing their calorie intake and doing the exact same workout for several weeks may find they are no longer seeing the results they did in the beginning. That’s because after losing excess fat and gaining strength, progress naturally slows. To get beyond that point, you have to work harder.

The most obvious signs of a plateau are inability to progress at one’s goals, be it weight-loss, muscle growth or strength gains. Another sign is fatigue and low motivation. Having identified you’re in a fitness rut, here’s five ways to get out of it:

Change your exercise routine Over time, the body adapts to the stresses it is exposed to. So you need to trick your body and “confuse” its muscles on a regular basis in order for them to get stronger and continue burning fat and calories. All you have to do is switch one exercise, for a particular workout and replace it with another. Also, change the order in which you perform exercises. These small changes will shock the body and promote greater muscle growth. Speak to a trainer at Healthifyme to get a customised workout plan.

Changing your routine every 4 to 6 weeks is a great way to ensure progress.

Time your workouts to under an hour The goal of weight training is to train your muscles to stimulate growth, but over-training can damage your muscles. Weight-training over an hour-and-a-half can cause muscle breakdown. Studies reveal that the growth assisting hormones the body releases peak within 30 minutes of exercise and decline shortly after. So keep your workouts under an hour.

Revisit your diet You’re probably already doing this, but maybe it’s time you start using the Healthifyme mobile app to keep track of your daily food consumption. If you measure it, you can manage it, and putting an objective method of doing this can be critical for your weight-loss success. Plus our experts will help you keep on track with your diet objectives.

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  1. Thanks for the useful info .
    Within what schedule one should think changing or rotating exercise?
    What is the ideal weight loss.
    Personally , i have got 1.5 kg in last 1 and half month of regular exercis3 and controlled diet