New Year fitness resolutions do work

Dileep B. Shivaram

August 4, 2023

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu has said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Most of us set the pace at the start of the New Year, by committing to big life changes. “I’ll work less and make time for family”, “I’ll save more” or “I’ll get back in shape by dropping those extra kilos” are some of the vows we make.

The most common New Year resolutions focus on weightloss and improving health. Do they work? Yes, according to a 2002 study conducted by the University of Scranton in the US. The study followed 282 adults six months into the new year and found that 46% percent of those who set New Year resolutions were on track towards achieving their goals, weight loss being at the top of the list. Only 4% of “non-resolvers” – people who had simply identified the change they wanted to make, but made no vows — were achieving their goals.

But before making any fitness resolutions, it’s important to make an honest assessment of your problem areas. For instance, if you are out of shape, try and determine why – is it excessive snacking? An irregular diet? Lack of exercise? Or all of the above? Next, you need to imagine how you want to look, being realistic that the image isn’t too far of a stretch to be believed. Then, while making your resolutions, remember to tap into what intrinsically motivates you – for eg, choose a form of exercise or type of healthy food you enjoy as opposed to some generic routine or diet. And remember, taking action sparks motivation – once you get to the gym, the first minute may be difficult, but it almost always gets easier.

Make a Pledge to let 2020 be the year you choose to be healthier and Fitter. We will help you make that pledge come true.

About the Author

Having completed his Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, fitness was not always Dileep’s choice of career. However, the decision to follow his passions saw him complete his Certification in Personal Training in 2013. One of the highlights of his six-year-long career, Dileep says, is providing physical training to applicants to the defence forces of the nation. Currently serving as Sr. Fitness Trainer at HealthifyMe, Dileep has made it his life’s goal to oversee as many fitness transformations as he possibly can.

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