5 ways to stick to your fitness resolutions


August 4, 2023

So you’ve set those New Year fitness resolutions. Now the task is to ensure they stick year-long.

In the course of the year, there will come a time you get distracted, feel worn out, or hit a lull with your weight-loss progress and start to feel discouraged. Here are some suggestions to help you power through those plateaus:

Don’t fret over the scales

While your resolve may have been to lose weight, don’t get lost in the numbers. Focus on other physical feats that will help you [lose weight] and celebrate crossing those milestones. Do a Fit Test at the beginning of the year and aim to improve your score each week for the next month.

Focus on one step

Regularity is the first rule of success. Don’t be discouraged by any temporary setbacks, push beyond them to make some adjustments and move forward!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed at what is left to accomplish, ask what’s the one thing you can do or change to help you succeed at this point? Then make that small change, be it being disciplined about waking up for that morning walk, sticking to salad instead of fast food at lunch. By focusing on the next step in front of you, you’ll stay in control of the situation and get back on course.

Celebrate small victories

The small goals that you have complete control over, like the number of visits to the gym or increasing weight on a chest press, should be celebrated when crossed. Experts claim over the long-term, they lead to better retention.

Get Inspired

Research has shown that people who have support are the most successful at diet and exercise programs. A workout buddy – a friend who has the same goals – is a big help through times when you want to give up.

Social media is another powerful tool. Tweeting your intentions or announcing them on Facebook can make you accountable to your goal. You’re also likely to receive a lot of support and some handy suggestions. Taking the Healthifyme fitness pledge is another good way to ensure you stay motivated when the going gets tough.

Reading the success stories of others who have accomplished their fitness goals can also help boost your confidence. Look out for these inspiring stories on Healthifyme’s blog in the upcoming days.

Visualize your goals

Along with written goals, use other visual reminders to keep them fresh in your mind. A swimsuit you want to wear on that upcoming beach holiday, a yesteryear picture from a time when you were more physically fit, or a pair of jeans you want to fit into again can be powerful symbols demonstrating what you want to accomplish. By keeping them in clear sight, you will have constant reminders to stay motivated and stick to your plan.

If you want to make 2020 the year of fitness, sign up at and let our experts guide you to a better and fitter future.

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