The older you get, the tougher it becomes to work off that extra roti and skipping even one day at the gym can prove a major setback. That’s because as we age, the lean mass in our body reduces, slowing our metabolism (ability to burn calories) down.

Which is why it’s important to start exercising when you’re younger – it is a time when you can boost your metabolism and maintain good muscle mass, which will in turn de-accelerate the aging process and help you continue to stay fit and lose weight.

But for those of you kicking off a regimen at an older age – don’t lose heart. You can lose weight even when you are older; it just takes more effort and requires a fairly drastic change in diet and lifestyle.

Here are three tips for when attempting losing weight when you are older:

Lose the belly weight For both men and women much of the fat gained at this time accumulates around the waist. You need to do a combination of weights and cardiovascular training to get rid of it, about 250 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 125 minutes of high-intensity exercise a week. Also, avoid processed foods.

Don’t stress eat Over-eating is one of the biggest culprits behind stress-induced weight gain in women, and possibly a few men (men have a less emotional attachment to food). Which is why it is important to be armed with a healthy daily eating plan as well as stress-reducing solutions.

Control portion sizes As your metabolism declines with age, you’d be better off eating less. Using a smaller sized bowl or plate than normal is one good way to ensure you don’t overeat.

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Written by R. Kalpana

R. Kalpana

Nutritionists have a role to play that goes beyond mere meal-planning, says Kalpana, who believes she can motivate others to stay on the path towards a healthier life. A certified dietician with a PhD from SPMVV University, she is a Mary C Jacob Award-winner for Merit in Physiology from Madras University and has worked across various hospitals as well as nutrition clinics. She has been published both nationally and internationally in various science and health journals and writes regular health blogs for Sify. At home, Kalpana tracks her family’s food choices – she ensures that they follow a healthy lifestyle – and she believes she can help HealthifyMe users to do the same. People who really want to change the way they eat will see success, she claims, of the opinion that nutrition, lifestyle and behavioural changes can be transformative only in tandem. Eat good food, to your heart’s content, but ensure you also exercise are fundas she urges you to follow.

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