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This 28-year-old businesswoman shed her post-pregnancy weight in less than a year!


September 15, 2020

It was September 2017. Ishav Mehta found herself a few months into motherhood and struggling with the sudden weight gain that comes with it. A self-proclaimed ‘health freak’, Ishav was hurt to find out that she weighed 67 kg.

“While being blessed with a baby girl is the best thing that has happened to me, the weight gain that came with it was painful,” she says. Ishav started to feel more demotivated as the days passed by. It was then that the 28-year-old businesswoman came across HealthifyMe on Instagram.

Coaches – A constant source of support

“I thought I would try the app for a few days and then decide if I wanted to continue. Needless to say, I got on the premium version soon after,” Ishav recalls. She chose Sita Menon as her diet coach and Ashish Bhupathi as her fitness coach. “Both my coaches have always been supportive and have taken care of me throughout,” she says of them.

Ishav often found herself feeling upset at the state she was in. However, she is thankful to her coaches for motivating her throughout. “Sita and Ashish always ensured that I stuck to my diet and workout plans, even when I was very upset with my situation.,” she tells us.

“Almost every mother I knew seemed to have taken years to shed their post-pregnancy weight, and this really bothered me.” Ishav says, “As someone who has been working out since the age of 16, the thought of being unfit was impossible for me to accept.”

Fighting physical injuries and maternal responsibilities

In the months following her pregnancy, she fought through a bulging disc and maternal responsibilities, to get back in shape. Less than a year after the birth of her daughter, and just 7 months into her journey, Ishav managed to shed 12 kilos and found herself weighing 55 kg in March 2018. She believes this change would not have been possible without the help of her coaches at HealthifyMe.

Sita Menon, her diet coach, however, attributes the transformation to Ishav’s patience and hard work. “Ishav is one of those people, that never complains about anything. She follows her diet plans regularly and is keen on learning. In the last few months, we have worked together as a team, and it has been wonderful to see her achieve the targets she set for herself,” says Sita.

Job half-done!

According to Ishav, a healthy lifestyle is now a part of who she is. “Logging my meals, water intake and physical activity, and speaking to my coaches became such an integral part of my life that any day when I’m not able to do so, seems abnormal,” she quips.

“In the past few months, people have started appreciating the change they see in me,” Ishav says. “My friends and family are surprised by how soon I have shed my post-pregnancy weight.” Delighted with her transformation over the past few months, Ishav aims to maintain herself in the years to come. “I am extremely happy with what I have accomplished, but the job is not complete,” she tells us.

When asked if she had any message for anyone who is looking to embark on a similar journey, Ishav said, ”Your body is like a temple, it is your job to keep it healthy and clean. If you are not able to workout, focus on your diet and pledge to live a healthy life.”

Mothers like Ishav are an example to everyone else. Inspired? You can start off on your own fitness journey!

Disclaimer – Ishav was able to achieve her weight loss goals through customized diet and workout plans. Results may vary for you.

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A sports lover, a quizzing enthusiast and an avid reader, but above all, a writer. Though he may have made the switch from engineering with the hope of becoming the Sachin Tendulkar of writing someday, Habil now realistically hopes to reach Shiv Sunder Das levels. While he hopes to write about sports one day, he is more than happy to help you improve your health along the way.

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  1. Great tips about health blog. I really appreciate your efforts put on these tips. thanks for posting such a piece of informative information.

  2. Thats great courage. Thats the true woman power. What she decides to do she does it with conviction.
    Just to add to that pregnancy induced gingivitis in mouth should also me considered for optimal health.

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