Honey and Cinnamon a Magic Potion for Good Health

Hiral Patel

May 6, 2022

Most of us have heard about the immense benefits of honey and cinnamon as a combo. Individually and together, they cure several ailments and improve our health. Well, cinnamon and honey are both well-known for their health advantages, and together, they make an almost unbeatable combination. Ayurveda has believed in these two for millennia as cures for various diseases. It is undeniably a unique and rich combo that you can incorporate in multiple ways. It can enhance the flavour of almost everything, from oats to beverages to baked products.

They are one of those famous ingredients for home remedies. Home remedies mainly involve agents that help heal or manage an ailment naturally. These two ingredients dominate the list of home remedies. 

Let’s find out. 

Here’s What You Should Know About Honey

Honey is a plant by-product known for its therapeutic qualities worldwide. It works as a natural energiser. Therefore, people of all ages can consume it without worrying about its side effects. For that matter, honey is known as the Golden nectar. In Greek mythology, honey was called the first food. It also played a significant role in the beauty rituals of the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. In addition, we use honey to treat several ailments. Also, honey is used in skin and hair care extensively. 

What Kind of Honey Should You Use?

Most of the Honey sold in supermarkets is the pasteurised variety. High heat kills undesirable yeast, improves colour and texture, eliminates crystallisation, and increases shelf life. However, on the other hand, many of the essential nutrients are lost.

Look for honey that says “raw” on the label or comes from a farm that can attest that it is not-pasteurised. Honey is available in a variety of flavours with labels such as “natural,” “organic,” and “pure.” Still, none of them indicates that it is raw. Therefore, it is better to use raw honey for consumption and external uses.

Some Health Benefits of Raw Honey 

  • An optimal source of antioxidants 
  • Contain nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, enzymes, etc
  • Antifungal and antibacterial
  • Heals wounds like burns, wounds from injury, ulcers much faster
  • Helps soothe cough, cold and sore throat
  • Consumed as a laxative 
  • Used as a potent moisturising ingredient in skincare 
  • Used in haircare

Here’s What You Should Know About Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a fragrant and flavorful spice that has been around since the beginning of time. Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum plant. Interestingly, cinnamon got its name because of the spice’s mid-brown tint. The most crucial nutritional feature is that cinnamon has no sugar or fat. In addition, cinnamon includes 68% manganese and 8% calcium, and 4 % iron content in a tablespoon.

Health professionals state that taking 1-6 grams of ground cinnamon or 80 mg of cinnamon extract per day can have various health benefits. However, a concern is that doses greater than this could be poisonous and dangerous.

Some Health Benefits of Cinnamon

It has a wide range of medicinal properties.

  • Antibacterial and antiparasitic properties 
  • It has antioxidants, which can help with wound healing
  • Decrease blood pressure and bad cholesterol
  • Increases sperm production 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • It helps in recovery from diseases like dengue. 

Honey and Cinnamon: What is so Special About the Combo?

According to experts, you must purchase unfiltered raw Honey and Ceylon cinnamon because they contain less coumarin. Combine 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder with 1 tbsp raw honey and consume daily for best benefits. However, before incorporating the combo into one’s everyday diet, one should seek medical advice.

Rich in Antioxidants 

Cinnamon honey contains antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acids, beneficial to the body. Antioxidants aid in the stabilisation of reactive oxygen species. Otherwise, which can develop in cells and cause harm. As a result, problems including premature ageing, heart disease and type 2 diabetes can be avoided by routinely taking cinnamon honey.

Healing Properties 

Cinnamon and honey each have healing abilities. They also help reduce any inflammation in the mouth or throat. People frequently drink cinnamon honey combined with lukewarm water for sore throats or even infections in the mouth. Aside from that, this combination speeds up the healing of ailments such as foot ulcers.

Fights Bladder Infection

The combination of honey and cinnamon can also help with bladder infections. Their combined germ-killing properties work as a bacteria-killing agent against various bladder infections.

Improves Heart Health

Honey and cinnamon both have unique qualities that may reduce the likelihood of cardiac issues. Therefore, by taking a spoonful of honey every day, you can help lower bad cholesterol levels and enhance good cholesterol levels in your body. Cinnamon also aids in the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels in the body.

Helps with Cancer

Honey’s anti-cancer action is significant. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) form when you digest honey which is the cause of the effective immune regulatory action. According to research, honey and cinnamon improve the overall quality of life, physical and psychological elements, energy level, and symptoms, including pain, constipation, and anorexia. 

According to a recent study, honey and cinnamon positively impacted advanced cancers of the stomach and bone in Japan and Australia. Patients with these types of cancer should take one tablespoon of honey mixed with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder three times a day for one month.

Boosts Immunity

Research says the immune system becomes more vital when consuming daily honey and cinnamon powder. As a result, the body gets protection from bacterial and viral infections. Honey contains vast amounts of numerous vitamins and iron. In addition, it boosts white blood cells, allowing them to fight bacterial and viral infections.

Helps with Arthritis Pain 

According to studies undertaken at various Western universities, honey is helpful against arthritis. Arthritic patients have reported that taking a tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder has helped them walk pain-free. In addition, a study reveals that honey mixed with tepid water and a dash of cinnamon powder and applied to the joints helped relieve pain quickly (within minutes).

Helps Eliminate Bad Breath 

The presence of propolis in honey helps to alleviate foul breath. It also possesses potent anti-inflammatory effects that aid in healing gums and teeth and keep disease infections at bay. Using honey on your teeth and gums can help reduce the spread of dangerous bacteria in your mouth, producing bad breath if they accumulate inside the mouth or on the tongue. Gargling with a mixture of honey, cinnamon, and warm water will help you get rid of bad breath.

Helps Lose Weight

One of the hottest weight-loss trends is including cinnamon and honey in your daily diet. This combination is mixed into lukewarm water, eaten straight, and used as a topping for cereal and other dishes. But is it possible to lose weight solely by consuming cinnamon and honey? Let us explore it in the coming portions of this article. 

Other Advantages

Honey and cinnamon can further help treat:

  • Skin infections, acne 
  • Spot treatment 
  • Helps with digestion 
  • Cough and cold, influenza 
  • Sore throat

Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

While there are many claims regarding the weight-loss advantages of cinnamon and honey, study on this combination does not conclusively lean on one side only. However, several pieces of research have shown positive findings. For example, the chemical cinnamaldehyde is responsible for promoting thermogenesis in a 2017 study. 

Thermogenesis is how your body produces heat while also burning calories. Therefore, substituting sugar for cinnamon honey can help reduce weight gain. In addition, honey can stimulate hormones that reduce appetite. 

Another study claims that drinking honey and cinnamon powder with one cup of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before sleeping regularly can help reduce weight. 

Should you be sceptical about the simplicity of this cure? However, please note that you also need to include other dietary and exercise modifications along with this routine.

Detox Your Body

Detoxifying your body aids in resetting your body for improved performance. If you stick to it, you’ll notice that you lose weight. Honey and cinnamon are great detoxifying agents for weight loss and weight management.   

A research article published in the International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences suggests a solution of water, honey, and lemon to be consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. As a result, it cleanses the body. Taking one glass of this every day is one of the most effective ways to cleanse the liver, remove toxins, and flush out fat from the body. 

Maintain Glucose Levels

When you have blood sugar issues, it becomes far more challenging to do the one thing that can truly help: lose weight. Unfortunately, it probably is why most persons with type 2 diabetes—roughly 80%—are overweight or obese.

A research study monitored cinnamon’s effects on glucose, insulin, and lipid metabolism concerning metabolic syndrome. Cinnamon and its constituents have therapeutic benefits on nearly all metabolic syndrome parameters, including insulin sensitivity, glucose, lipids, antioxidants, inflammation, blood pressure, and body weight. 

The pancreas is an essential organ in diabetes because it secretes two glucose-regulating hormones. These are insulin and glucagon—and honey may protect this organ against oxidative stress and damage. In addition, it has antioxidant molecules, another potential mechanism of honey’s hypoglycemic effect.

Research also states that taking honey with cinnamon did not substantially improve glucose metabolism or glycemic control in those with type 2 diabetes. The hypothesis that the use of honey leads to weight loss and improves lipid profiles needs more research.

Suppresses Hunger

Yes, it is correct! Spices such as turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon increase metabolism, suppress appetite and burn fat deposits. Between meals, the combination of cinnamon and honey helps you avoid munching on junk food. It’s also a better alternative to going hungry. The honey in this hydrating drink provides you with energy while keeping you satisfied. 

Fasten Body Metabolism

Mood swings, loss of sleep, fad diets, lack of exercise, and other factors can contribute to craving comfort food or your favourite foods. According to lifestyle experts, giving in to cravings is one of the leading causes of weight gain. In addition, desires can cause hormonal imbalances as well as undue guilt.

Honey’s natural sugar will help you stay energised as you exercise. In contrast, cinnamon’s propensity to stimulate metabolism will help you get the most out of your fitness activity.

Reduce cholesterol levels 

Excess calories, glucose/sugar, and alcohol in your diet can turn into triglycerides. Triglycerides are a type of unhealthy cholesterol. Low-density lipoprotein transports it through the bloodstream (LDL). These get stored as fat cells throughout your body, so high cholesterol and weight gain can go hand in hand.

In persons with type 2 diabetes, just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can considerably lower blood sugar levels, triglycerides, Lower Density Lipoprotein (bad) cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels. On the other hand, honey helps prevent heart disease by preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, or “bad cholesterol.” It can also lower blood pressure, making the heart and venous system less strained. 

The honey and cinnamon potion help with all these factors that popularly lead to weight gain. Let us keep in mind that honey and cinnamon individually and together have numerous health benefits. Well-established research proves their worth in helping treat a few cancers and arthritis. 

However, there is very little research about this combination being a quick fix to your weight loss journey. Therefore, with less empirical base, it would be safe to say you still can consume honey and cinnamon for the other advantages. But it would help if you incorporated this practice with mindful diets and regular physical activity. 

Things You Should Know Before Consuming the Magic Potion

Controlled Intake

A study proposes that taking 1-6 grams of ground cinnamon or 80 mg of cinnamon extract per day can have various health benefits. However, please remember that doses greater than this could be poisonous and dangerous. Furthermore, when taken in excess form, it might induce a dip in blood sugar, increased heart rate, an upset stomach, and excessive sweating.

Honey is a sweetener that comes from nature. However, this does not imply that we can consume it in huge quantities. A healthy person without weight problems should consume no more than a tiny spoon of honey each day, around 10 to 12 grams. Adding honey on top of high sugar consumption or jaggery will affect your health.

Quality Produce

You must make sure that you purchase and use quality products that prove healthy for you. Numerous studies worldwide have found high content of heavy metals like Zinc, Copper, Lead, Arsenic and Mercury in honey samples. These heavy metals may serve as a carcinogenic risk to whoever consumes them regularly. 

Risk of Liver Damage

Cassia cinnamon, a typical form of cinnamon, includes a considerable coumarin. Coumarin, which is in many plants, can treat oedema or water retention.

Even tiny dosages of coumarin eaten for more than two weeks can cause liver damage, according to Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. People who have already been diagnosed with liver disease are at an even greater risk of liver damage. So is this to say you should stay away from cinnamon? Mindful eating is the key. Therefore use cinnamon in small quantities and enjoy its fragrant, flavourful, and healthy qualities. 

Cinnamon Allergies

Spice allergies, although uncommon, are not impossible. For example, you could be allergic to cinnamon and artificial cinnamon flavouring. Therefore, it is always wise to consume cinnamon in a small quantity and check if you notice something unusual. 

Common symptoms of cinnamon allergies include:

  • Skin irritation.
  • White patches on your tongue.
  • Small but painful bumps on the inside of your mouth and swelling. 

Other Possible Consequences

  • Cinnamon in large quantities can increase body heat and worsen symptoms of menopause.
  • It is advised not to consume cinnamon if you are pregnant 
  • It can make your blood thin like aspirin does and is risky 

Best Ways to Add it to Your Diet

Cinnamon and Honey Tea


  • Lukewarm water: 1 cup
  • Honey: 1 tsp
  • Cinnamon powder: ½ tsp
  • Lemon juice (optional)

Cinnamon and Honey Tea is a quick and straightforward recipe. In one cup of lukewarm water, dissolve half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Stir in the Cinnamon Tea and set aside for 4-5 mins. Before serving, add a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice if you would like. 

Autumn Smoothie


  • Oranges: 1-2
  • Pomegranate Seeds: ½ cup
  • Almond/Oat Milk: ½ cup
  • Cinnamon Powder: 2 dashes
  • Honey: 0.5 tbsp

Here’s an autumn smoothie that’s both tasty and good for you. This recipe is both vegan and gluten-free. Peel the oranges and cut them into slices, removing as much of the white as possible. 

Add all ingredients in a blending jar along with a few ice cubes. Blend them well until smooth. Pour into glasses and it’s ready to serve.


The honey-cinnamon combination is one of the most popular Daadi maa ka nuska that people often revert to for managing common health ailments. Not only is it delicious, but has proven to work wonders in the healing process of wounds, injuries, viral and bacterial infections, builds immunity, and improves overall health. In addition, this combination seems to help regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels while detoxifying your body when it comes particularly to weight loss as a benefit. 

While we can verify some of the benefits of honey and cinnamon, many are unconfirmed but popular. As a result, it’s always a good idea to consult a doctor before using the combination for any health problem. 

Weight loss is a function of healthy habits, eradicating health issues and discipline. It can be made easy with consistent practices to improve one’s lifestyle regarding the food you consume, the activities you engage in, and positive mind space. This would be incorrect to claim that the honey-cinnamon potion alone can reduce weight and make you fit. It will help you through your journey, but it is for you to achieve your fitness goals with other efforts.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does cinnamon remove dark spots?

A. Cinnamon has skin lightening properties: You might not believe this, but cinnamon has skin lightening properties. This remedy fades acne scars, blemishes, marks, and dark spots. In addition, cinnamon brings blood to the skin surface. This cinnamon property can help get rid of dark spots on the face.  

Q. How much honey can a diabetic have?

A. Research has proven that though honey is a natural sweetener, it is not necessarily better than granulated, refined sugar. Both affect blood sugar levels. You can consume small quantities of raw honey sometimes or as per doctor’s advise.  

Q. How does cinnamon make your stomach flat?

A. Any thorough research has not yet proved this. However, while cinnamon does help regulate cholesterol levels, you might want to keep your focus on exercising to make your stomach flat.  

Q. Does honey burn belly fat?

A.Honey alone cannot burn belly fat. You could try substituting refined sugar for honey to consume a more natural sweetener, but mindful eating and exercise are what you will need to manage.  

Q. Does honey and cinnamon lighten skin?

A. Cinnamon does have skin lightening properties when it comes to acne scars and healing of blemishes. Honey works as a great conditioner. Make sure to use both in small quantities if you decide to. Do consult a dermatologist before doing something grand on experimenting on your skin.  

Q. What happens if we drink cinnamon water daily?

A. Drinking cinnamon water daily adds more antioxidants in your system and can flush out toxins from your body. In addition, it can help build immunity against infections and help lower cholesterol. Although please be sure to consume cinnamon only or less than the advised amount to avoid side effects on your liver.  

Q. Does cinnamon help you sleep?

A.Cinnamon also includes the satiety hormone, which makes you feel full and helps you control your diet in the long run by reducing cravings and hunger pangs. If the cinnamon smell bothers you, you can sweeten it with honey. Cinnamon can help you relax your muscles and relieve stress in your body, and it may even help you fall asleep. 

Q. How long can you take cinnamon and honey?

A. It is advised not to take cinnamon honey mixture for more than two weeks at a go.  

Q. When should I take honey and cinnamon?

A.You could take honey cinnamon at any point in time. Still, it would be better to consume it early in the morning on an empty stomach, before meals, or before dozing off. 

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According to Hiral, “Striving to be better than yesterday, is the key to achieving any goal that is ahead of you”. As a diet and lifestyle consultant, Hiral intends to help her clients inculcate habits such as healthy eating and regular exercise to improve their lifestyle holistically for a better tomorrow. She also aims to make her clients feel good from the inside-out and bring about a positive change to their overall life.

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