10 Healthy Snack Options Under 100 Calories

Parul Dube

October 12, 2022

Afternoon is the time of day that starts mid-day and ends in the evening. When the afternoon slump hits, it is natural to reach for the candy jar, snacks or swing by the vending machine. But while snacking might feel satisfying at first, it fades away, compelling you to reach out for more unhealthy snacks. This unhealthy snacking can quickly add up to weight gain. However, choosing from the smart and healthy snack options can have a positive impact; it helps to ensure that you don’t feel dizzy, hungry and irritable. In addition, eating at regular intervals prevents overeating and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

To narrow your search, check out this list of 10 snacks that are less than 100 calories.

10 Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

To narrow your search, check out this list of 10 snacks that are less than 100 calories.

Snacks Under 100 Calories

1. Cup of Fruits

If you don’t have time to prepare a mid-meal snack, your go-to snack could be a cup (150g) of fruit.

Fruits contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and they are great to taste as well. You can pick seasonal fruits and add them to your mid-meal snack. However, most of you may not find fruits a wholesome meal. In that case, you can add some nuts.

It could be cashews, almonds or any other nuts you enjoy eating. You should limit the quantity to 3-4 pieces only because we must ensure that the calorie intake is below 100.

2. Go Nuts!

In winters, you may not enjoy a cup of fruits. Winters call for something warmer to be included in your snacks.

It can consist of roasted nuts, mixed nuts with your cup of coffee or tea. You can roast it with a pinch of salt, pepper or some spices for a twist.

If you are craving something crunchy and spicy on a winter evening, you can add 10-12 pieces of nuts of your choice with your favourite beverage.

3. Egg Exercise

If you prefer working out in the evening or going out for a brisk walk, it is imperative to eat after your workout.

Eggs are the perfect post-workout snack. Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals. You can add sauteed vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, capsicum or spinach, along with a pinch of Himalayan rock salt and freshly ground pepper to eggs and consume it as a healthy salad to make it more enjoyable. Of course, you can eat egg whites as well.

4. Breakfast Returns

Suppose you prefer eating a heavier evening snack yet want to keep it under 100 calories. In that case, you can repeat your breakfast in your evening snack.

You neither have to cook anything extra nor do you have to plan anything big and execute it. For instance, if you have Idlis, Upma or Dosa left from your breakfast, you could consume a small quarter plate of these items and resume your everyday schedule.

5. Easy Veggies

Suppose you are interested in keeping your evening snack light and veggie-based. In that case, you can incorporate veggies into your evening mid-meal snack.

For example, you can consume a cup of raw, blanched or boiled vegetables mixed with two tablespoons of hummus or cheese. If you cannot find hummus, you can substitute it with chutneys. Hummus or chutneys can be refrigerated.

You can also choose to peel and cut the veggies and dip them into hummus/ chutneys of your choice. Isn’t it interesting?  

6. Sauteed Paneer

One of the biggest challenges for most mothers during the lockdown was finding an exciting and newer yet filling snack option for their kids. However, they got away with quick, fresh and not too heavy options since kids keep snacking throughout the day.

In such cases, a recommended quantity is 30-50g of paneer. Then, roast it on Tawa with your favourite spices and veggies, and a kid-friendly tasty snack is ready.

7. Home-Made Dessert

Are you someone who craves a dessert after your meal? A simple tip for managing this craving well is to have some fresh homemade curd.

For example, if you are picking up a packaged yoghurt, you can go for plain yoghurt. Add any of your favourite berries, such as cranberries, blueberries in around 100 g of plain yoghurt. It can be a great way to keep your calories under check.

8. Popcorn or Fox Nut Seeds

If it is your favourite sports time and you will be glued to the television and prefer munching something light, you can choose a cup of butter popcorn.

If you want to keep it a little more Indian, you can select fox nut seeds and roast them with your favourite flavoured spices. These options come with the added advantage of health and comfort.

9. Dry Fruit Laddoo

If you are craving sugar and want to eat something after meals or before meals, you can have bite-sized laddoos.

For example, you can consume laddoos made of sesame seeds, ragi, and dry fruits during the last leg of winter. You can prepare these laddoos with the help of your family and enjoy the weekend.

10. Chiwda or Masala Puff Rice

India’s food culture has endless snacks and meal options dependent on seasons and regions. Chiwda and masala puffed rice are the two most common rice snacks enjoyed in every household, PAN India.

They are easy to make and have a longer shelf life. A handful of these mixed with groundnuts, roasted chana, dry coconut, along with spices of your choice, could be your go-to snack. These can be carried to your work and could be your travel companion as well.

These are some simple hacks to manage your snack timings and options without overdoing them. You can choose from the tips which work the best for you. Your choices should suit your preferences and lifestyle.

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