Name: Purvesha Pitalebefore weight loss

Age: 39 years

Weight Before: 82 kg

Weight After: 68 kg

Lost 14 kg in 8 months 

Delhi-based Purvesha Pitale put on weight over the course of three-four years owing to a job that entailed night shifts, an unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. This took a toll on her health and weight, resulting in PCOS, insulin resistance and a hike in weight that touched 82 kg.

She stumbled upon HealthifyMe in August 2015. A team of incredible coaches and a six-month premium plan put her on the path to a healthy, fit life.

“I was prepared to give it my 100%,” says Purvesha

This wasn’t the first time Purvesha had enrolled in a fitness programme. In fact, she was a regular at the gym for several years, but had failed to lose much weight.

“Sometimes, I managed to lose 2, 3 or 5 kg but it always came back like a pendulum,” she says, recalling her yo-yo workouts.

Before joining HealthifyMe, she was told not to expect instant results. “But I was prepared to give it my 100%,” she says.

Purvesha lacked a proper routine

At HealthifyMe, Purvesha was assigned a personal diet, yoga and fitness coach.

“The problem with Purvesha was her lack of a proper routine. She would eat, not eat, and then eat too much… She also developed health issues because of which she was depressed and often on the verge of giving up,” says Purvesha’s diet coach, Alpa.

Today, there is a marked transformation in Purvesha, who not only looks fitter but seems happier too.

 Her fitness regime

after weight lossPurvesha makes it a point to stick to a healthy routine. Her day starts at 5.30 am, which is followed by meal preparation for her family, a quick yoga session between 6.40 and 7.10 am that includes 30 sets of Surya Namaskar and ends with a few breathing exercises.

She enjoys a post-yoga session meal consisting of milk, figs, dates and fruits and heads to the gym. “I make it a point to walk to the gym, which allows me to skip my cardio and cut short my time there,” she says.

Breakfast at 9.30 am comprises of egg whites, buttermilk, ragi and upma. “There is no food item that is a complete no-no,” she informs us. At work in the afternoon she eats a plate of salad at 1 pm followed by lunch consisting of chapattis, vegetables and raita at 1.45 pm. Since she’s not fond of tea or coffee, excluding it from her diet allows her to cut down on sugar that generally accompanies such beverages. With the help of the HealthifyMe water tracker, Purvesha ensures that she meets her daily water intake goal, consuming adequate fluids as required by her body.

A late-afternoon snack at 4.30 pm comprises whole fruits or roasted almonds. She and her husband prefer an early dinner, usually at 6.30-7 pm, following which she proceeds for an aerobics class between 7 and 8 in the evening. If hunger strikes late at night, she has a glass of warm milk.

Post transformation

A virtual fitness app has proved to be the perfect weight loss tool for Purvesha, who leads a busy life balancing a job and family (her husband is a lawyer while her son is in Class X). “Since it’s a virtual tool, I can get professional advice without even stepping out of home,” she says.

Thanks to HealthifyMe, Purvesha says she’s fitter, more confident and energetic. “Overall, it is a happy feeling,” she says.

Her coach, Alpa, is satisfied with her progress. “Purvesha has been regular with her diet and workouts, and her success is an outcome of that,” says Alpa. “Not only does she make better choices now, but she ensures that she sticks to her diet even during festivities, by carrying her own food when she steps out to join the merriment.”

Disclaimer: Purvesha had a magical transformation using HealthifyMe. The results could vary for you. Let us help identify what works for you.

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Written by Team HealthifyMe

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