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HealthifyMe helped Dr Anu Jain drop 8 kg in 7 months


July 10, 2019

Name: Dr. Anu JainHealthifyMe

Age: 37 years

Weight before: 62 kg

Weight now: 54 kg

Lost 8 kg in 7 months

Agra-based ophthalmologist, Dr. Anu Jain had been unable to lose weight ever since her pregnancy four years ago. The mother of two had tried gymming and even consulted a dietician, but was unable to slim down despite her best efforts.

It was then that her friend introduced her to HealthifyMe; Anu joined HealthifyMe soon after in September 2015.

‘I wanted something I could follow for life’

“Sixty-two kilograms may not seem like much, but at 5 feet 1 inch, my weight should be 55 kg,” Anu says.

Apart from weight loss, another reason for joining HealthifyMe was the desire to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Her calling as a doctor had played complete havoc with her daily routine.

“I wanted something that would help me correct my lifestyle which I could follow for life,” she says.

Motivated and dedicated ‘Anu even ran a marathon’

Anu was put under the care of Transformation and Rehabilitation Coach Roshini Gilbert and Dietician Nishita Kaushik.

“Since Anu has a medical background, she already had a good idea of what is healthy and what is not. But she wasn’t able to follow it because of her profession. Nothing was on time. Her lifestyle was haywire,” Nishita says.

While Roshini put Anu on cardio and strength training exercises, Nishita advised her to increase her fibre and protein intake and lower her carbohydrate intake. There was no drastic change in diet but there was a reordering of her lifestyle. This included things like small, frequent meals, eating on time, eating two fruits a day, including salads with every meal and lowering cereal intake.

“The reason Anu was able to successfully lose weight was because of her motivation and dedication. She even ran a marathon. She was also really active on the WhatsApp group,” Nishita says.

A regular routine now keeps her going

Today, Anu follworkoutows a regular routine. Her day begins at 5.15 am. She’s in the gym by 5.45 am, working out till 7. Then she packs her two children off to school, eats a breakfast comprising fruit, Kerala, and boiled egg whites, and is at the hospital by 9.15 am.

A mid-morning snack at 11.30 am consists of almonds and buttermilk. Earlier, it was usual for her to skip lunch or eat late – at around 4.30 pm – but she now makes it a point to have lunch at 1.15 pm. It comprises salad, one chapatti, half a bowl of dal and half a bowl of curd.

At 4.30 pm, she eats a small meal comprising roasted grams or cucumber and green tea. Dinner is usually chapatti, vegetables, and salad.

‘Even doctors can benefit from HealthifyMe’

HealthifyMe has helped Anu become fitter and look more youthful. There was even a time during the programme when she lost too much weight—she came down to 52 kg—and decided to put some back on when it started showing on her face.

She believes that even doctors can benefit from HealthifyMe’s fitness plans.

“For instance, I did not know that cardio is only effective when it is done for at least 25-30 minutes,” she says.

Anu is now enjoying the compliments that frequently come her way.

“A toned body allows you to carry yourself with confidence. And when you feel good about yourself, the world looks at you like that,” she says.

Disclaimer: Anu lost weight and got her health on track with HealthifyMe. The results may vary for you. Allow us to determine the best approach to help you achieve your fitness goal. Sign up for the best diet & training choices for your fitness or weight-loss plan.

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