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HealthifyMe effect: A loss of 11 kg


August 3, 2023

Ipsita Swain

Age 24

Weighs 69 kg today

Weighed 80 kg earlier

Lost 11 kg in just over seven months

Ispita: Before starting her HealthifyMe program
Ispita: Before starting her HealthifyMe program

Her story While in college, Ipsita says no one would have called her overweight. “Given my height (5 feet 4 inches), I would say I was little healthy,” she claims. It was when she left home and started working in Jajpur, Orissa, and her lifestyle completely changed, that she began to pile on the pounds. “There was no activity, or walking – I would just sit in front of the computer all day. Over the last two years, I would say that was the main reason why I put on so much weight,” she says, adding that long intervals between meals as well as a dependence on canteen food were added culprits. “Whenever I did snack, I would munch on biscuits and mixtures which were the only options available in our canteen. I don’t think I ate any fruit in my first two years on the job,” she claims.

The lowest point She became demoralized when people started commenting on her weight gain. Ipsita joined a gym in December 2014, hitting the treadmill and cross-trainer, but saw no progress. “I didn’t lose any weight,” she says, admitting that she made no changes to her diet at the time. “I continued to eat chicken, mutton. And I was tense that instead of losing weight, I was gaining despite going to gym.”

Finding HealthifyMe Ispita says it was around this time that she heard about HealthifyMe through a friend, who told her that she could use the app to check her daily calorie consumption. “Then Roshini (Gilbert, HealthifyMe trainer) pinged me to ask if I needed help and I said, yes, I am overweight,” she says. Roshini and dietician Sumita Thomas worked on Ispita’s three-month launch plan. “Within that time, I immediately began seeing results. I had already dropped to 75 kg,” Ipsita says, adding that along with the expert advice, being part of a HealthifyMe WhatsApp group has been a great motivator. “It’s very convenient to stay in touch with the experts, and the other group members discuss ideas, exercises and tips that I find very useful.”

Getting fit “Roshini explained to me that while I was going to the gym, even if I ran every day I would not lose weight. Maybe initially, my weight would have dropped but not after a certain point – and that was something I had experienced in my time at the gym,” says Ipsita. Roshini introduced an alternate day regimen of cardio and core exercises to her routine, emphasizing the importance of strength exercises.

Diet changes Ipsita started by making little changes — drinking milk, eating boiled eggs, walking after meals and being disciplined about having healthy mid-meal snacks. “I buy oranges and apples and have made fruit a compulsory 11 am snack. I had never eaten nuts; now in the evenings I eat almonds and walnuts,” she says, adding she also has a pre-lunch salad at 1 pm followed by roti, dal and vegetables. “I’ve quit rice completely and I am focusing on incorporating more vegetables in my diet. In the evenings, I have roti and Santula, an Oriya-style mixed vegetable recipe with less oil, boiled with turmeric and salt,” she says.

Biggest challenge While making time for the gym was hard initially, Ipsita says her body eventually began to demand the exercise. “When you eat something that isn’t good for you, your body immediately rejects it – after joining HealthifyMe, I’ve eaten a samosa, maybe once,” she claims.

Her major problem was her dependence on outside meals – working long hours meant she had little time to cook at home. But that’s where HealthifyMe’s experts stepped in to help. “Sumita, and now Surbhi (Sharma), give me simple solutions like stocking vegetables, dalia and oats at home to make upma for breakfast to avoid the puris and parathas I was eating in the canteen,” she says, adding that she has since requested her office canteen to prepare Santula for her dinner.

Ipsita: After losing 11 kgs with HealthifyMe
Ipsita: After losing 11 kgs with HealthifyMe

Rewards Ipsita shys away from revealing the compliments she has received following her weight loss, but admits that people who earlier commented on her weight gain have expressed their admiration at her having slimmed down. “When people say you look like a balloon, they don’t realize how much it can hurt. Now they say, look at what you were and how you are now, appreciatively.” Her success has inspired her friend to join HealthifyMe, and even her boss has asked about how she managed to lose so much weight. She credits HealthifyMe for her success and encourages others to join the programme – her belief is so strong, that she’s enrolled in the Gold programme before completing the Bronze. “My goal weight is 60 kg and I know HealthifyMe will help me get there,” she concludes.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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  1. Congratulations Ispita on ur success. I joined the app today, i too hope to benefit from it. very encouraging to read ur story.

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