weight loss beforeName: Dr. Manish Manoria

Age: 48 years

Then:  117 kg

Now: 100 kg

Lost: 17 kg in 3 months

A professor of computer science and director of the Bhopal-based Truba Group of Institutes, Dr. Manish Manoria had weighed more than 100 kg for several years.

“As far as I can recall, my weight has been more than 100 kg. It used to be between 110 and 115 kg mark,” he says.

In July 2015, alarm bells started ringing. He had hit 125 kg.

It was time for Dr. Manoria to explore different ways to shed his weight.

Early Effort

Dr. Manoria knew he was obese and had tried different weight loss methods in the past.

“I usually lost 3-5 kg by going to the gym but gained it back when I stopped. I also tried yoga but to no avail,” he says.

After his July scare, he managed to drop 8 kg in two months on his own. Around this time, he joined HeathifyMe and opted for a diet-only plan.

The Diet

Nutrition expert Nishita Kaushik chalked out a diet plan for Dr. Manoria after thorough research into his lifestyle and food habits.

“Dr. Manoria was a foodie and loved his namkeen,” says Nishita. “He was put on a balanced diet. He was allowed a handful of namkeen, no more. The good thing was that he was regular in logging in his food intake. It enabled me to keep an eye on him and raise a red flag when necessary.”

His diet underwent a makeover. Breakfast used to be cornflakes, but he switched to low-calorie all-bran wheat flakes with skimmed milk. He had an apple two hours after breakfast. Lunch comprised two chapattis, a vegetable dish and salad. In the evening, he was allowed an apple at tea time and some fruit salad after that. Dinner consisted of two chapattis and a veggie dish.

Working Out

The diet was combined with walking and exercise.

“I get up at 6 am and go for 40 minutes of brisk walk, followed by 30 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of on-the-spot jogging. There is no workout instructor. I do the exercises I had learnt in the gym earlier,” Dr. Manoria says.

after weight lossDr. Manoria and Nishita both agree that he should now consider taking up a more comprehensive plan with HealthifyMe, including the services of a fitness instructor.

“A weight of more than 100 kg can be controlled with diet. But now that Dr. Manoria has lost about 20 kg, the journey will be tougher. There will come a point when his weight will refuse to budge and we will have to push it down by putting him on a mono diet for a couple of days,” Nishita says.

The Rewards

Dr. Manoria says he feels more healthy and energetic. But the biggest reward is sartorial. “My waist was 46 inches. Now it’s 40 and I can buy readymade clothes easily,” he says.

Will he recommend HealthifyMe to others? “I have already recommended it to about 50 people, including doctors. About 15 of them have even taken it up,” he says.

Disclaimer: Dr. Manoria dropped 17 kg using HealthifyMe. The results may vary for you. Let us help identify what works for you.

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Written by Team HealthifyMe

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