Why group exercise scores over solo sessions

Roshini Gilbert

August 10, 2023

As kids, we enjoyed playing with friends. Is there any reason why the games – fitness ones, we mean – can’t continue once we’re older?

Group exercise, typically defined as exercise performed by a group of individuals led by an instructor, can be a great way to mix up your workout and add a fun element to your exercise sessions.

Find your fit

There are a variety of group exercise formats available these days. These include aerobics, dance, yoga, BOSU, core conditioning, Pilates, muscle conditioning, aqua aerobics, stair running, spinning, indoor cycling, kickboxing, sculpting, Tabata, fall prevention and boot camp. Make your choice based on the time available, your likes and the expertise of the instructors.

We give you five reasons to exercise a group effect:

The camaraderie makes you push yourself harder

Man, we all know, is a social animal. It holds true when it comes to exercising as well. The social atmosphere of a group session keeps you going longer. The camaraderie and accountability among participants and participants and instructor ensure that you train harder. And think about all those endorphins that are released at the end of a marathon group training session. Happy high!

The change in format keeps things interesting

For many of us, the gym – or any other exercise – is boring. You keep plugging away and wishing the clock would tick faster. In a group session, the variety of formats will keep you motivated and interested. Varied instructor styles, interaction with other participants and new exercises keep you charged up. And let’s face it, time passes faster when accompanied by music!

The expert help puts you on the path to fitness faster

Most of us plan to take up exercise but don’t know how to begin. What’s the right way to use the bench press? Which running shoes should you buy? Do you need a yoga mat? Having guidance from an expert helps initiate that process and gets you started. The fact that there’s a trainer training his or her eyes on you keeps you committed for longer.

The defined structure gives your workout an edge

Group fitness is a great way to get a workout in without having to think or plan things. Since the trainer is doing all the planning, every class is structured with a warm-up, a workout, and a cool-down – all extremely essential components of a daily workout. The best part? The instructor coaches you through each segment of the workout.

The motivation makes you want to work out more

Joining a group exercise session is sure to improve your motivation to work harder as you are backed by a peer group that’s keen that you – and they – take fitness to a whole new level. Working out in a group will keep your spirits up and instill a spirit of competition. And hey, competition’s good when you’re looking to get fit!

Group fitness is a great way to help motivate yourself and others to push harder and harder in workouts. Get your gym bag ready to go. Just ensure that you don’t follow the yo-yo workout path once on the road to fitness!

About the Author

After a diligent workout plan helped her lose 30kg of post-pregnancy weight, chartered accountant Roshini Gilbert was inspired enough to go from tallying numbers to training others. Currently serving as VP, Fitness & Services, at HealthifyMe, Roshini has been certified by the American Council on Exercises (ACE) for functional fitness and specialises in postnatal weight loss, exercises for lower back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis. As part of her Rehab Trainer certification in Australia, Roshini has trained with reputed sports physiotherapist, Ulrik Larsen in corrective exercises and injury management. In HealthifyMe, she has found a collaborator with a common cause – making people fit to live life to the fullest.

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