Green Drinks – Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

Alpa Momaya

August 6, 2022

Green drink is one of the biggest fitness trends these days. Green drinks may not look super appetising, but they are becoming increasingly popular.

Nowadays, people have started shifting from tea and beverages to green drinks. Most celebrities, gym trainers, and wellness bloggers drink green drinks. On one hand, these drinks have countless benefits, but they also have some drawbacks when not taken under the guidance of a dietician. Green juice can be a great way for people who don’t like to eat veggies to get some greens into their diet.

They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients which are powerful antioxidants. These help in weight loss, improved digestion and immunity, and reduced inflammation. Although green drinks are a great way to increase your intake of important vitamins and minerals, there are some drawbacks that one should consider before including them in the diet. 

Green drinks are marketed as a cure with exceptional healing powers, but no supplement can take the place of eating whole fruits and vegetables. However, if you could benefit from a nutrient boost or are looking for a way to get your greens in one go, a greens drink can be beneficial.

According to a survey, most people believe green drinks are a healthy beverage choice and an excellent way to consume green leafy veggies and fruits. It is tasty and much more comfortable for people to have veggies like beet and dark leafy greens in the form of juice than to consume them as a whole.

Green drinks are marketed by many athletes and celebrities who specifically focus on fitness. It is sold as a supplement for daily use to meet nutritional requirements.


These drinks, along with most of the supplements, are not regulated because of the diversity in the supplements market. Third-party testing is a way to minimise the harmful supplements reaching the market and maximise the health of people consuming them.

What are Drinkable Greens?

A Green drink is a beverage made from green leafy vegetables and fruits. There is no official recipe for the drink, but some common ingredients include spinach, cabbage, cucumber, celery, and wheatgrass.

To improve the taste of green drinks, small quantities of fruits that may or may not be green can be added. It makes the drink sweeter and improves its overall taste and nutrition value. Popular fruit options include grapefruit, berries, apples, oranges, lemons, and kiwi. Herbs like parsley and mint may also be added to enhance the flavour and nutrition values. 

Drinkable greens are made by converting all freeze-drying juiced ingredients into powder and mixing them with water. These powders are available in the market as tubes or resealable packets. It is suggested that the powder must be kept in the refrigerator once opened. 

Athletic Greens

A green drink called Athletic Greens contains approximately 75 ingredients. It has dandelion root extracts, organic apple powder for better digestion, organic spirulina and chlorella powder as anti-ageing agents, and other root extracts to support the endocrine system.

Some drinkable greens contain an additional ” Superfood blend” apart from other greens. These powders may be pulp-like or a bit chalky in taste. They are usually soluble in water.

These drinks are low in calories and hence, get an extra edge over most of the nutritional supplements available on the market. Green drinks come in wide varieties with similar basic compositions but different proportions.

They all meet the nutritional requirements; however, studies suggest a spark difference between the green drinks and real greens as they are high in fibre and loaded with the goodness of being natural.

Fibre is a very important constituent of diet as it serves many functions, such as improving bowel movements, helping with constipation and managing metabolic disorders such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

The HealthifyMe Note 

When it comes to the taste of green drinks, there are a variety of flavours available in the market. One can choose those with added fruits or herbs for a better taste.  Homemade green drinks and smoothies are a great alternative to the ones available on the market, posing less risk of allergies.

Are Drinkable Greens Healthy?

Yes, green drinks are healthy in many ways. For example, green drinks are a better alternative than sugary drinks available in the market. According to studies, people who frequently consume sugary drinks are more likely to experience weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cavities, and gout, a type of arthritis.

It benefits health in many ways; however, it should not be consumed without a prescription from a doctor. As they are nutritional supplements, these contain lipid-soluble vitamins, and these vitamins in excess can become toxic to the body. 

According to studies, green drinks  are beneficial in: 

Better Absorption

Drinkable greens are nutrient-dense and are easier for your body to break down. The liquid nature of green drinks supports easier absorption than consuming the green ingredients in their raw, plant form. It is particularly helpful for people with dysphagia and those who have undergone surgery. 

Regulation of Blood Pressure

Green drinks are rich in minerals associated with maintaining the normal blood pressure of the heart, especially calcium and magnesium. They help decrease blood pressure and can benefit people suffering from hypertension.


Green drinks are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, iron etc., which reduces inflammation and helps in enhancing immunity. 


Antioxidants fight against harmful free radicals formed in the body during metabolism. Green drinks are rich in antioxidants such as carotenoids, flavonoids and lutein, which protect the body from oxidative damage.

The HealthifyMe Note

Starting your morning with a glass of green drink on an empty stomach may promote better nutrient absorption. Drinkable greens also help with digestion, boost immunity, and increase energy levels.

Best Green Drink Powders

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

The Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily comes in a resealable bag or single-serving packets. It is an all-in-one health drink with 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients.

Athletic Greens is perfect for anyone looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, low allergen and <1g of sugar per serving.

Green SuperFood Drink Powder

The Green SuperFood Drink Powder comprises a pre and probiotic blend. It also contains added fibre made from flax seed powder and apple pectin. It contains organic ingredients, including wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and broccoli. 

Dr Cowan’s Garden Perennial Greens Powder

Dr Cowan’s Garden Perennial Greens Powder is a blend of perennial vegetables rich in calcium and chlorophyll. Green drinks made from this powder can help reduce inflammation. According to the brand claims, a drink made with one teaspoon equals an average-size serving of fresh veggies. However, the flavour is a lot stronger than other green powders.

Potential Risk

Greens drink powder is an excellent way to supplement a healthy diet with additional vitamins and minerals to ensure you meet recommended levels. However, depending on the brand, the nutrients and their amounts may differ.

Consult your doctor about which formulation is best for your health. Green powders or other added ingredients in green smoothies can lead to various health issues if not consumed under proper guidance.

Possible Kidney Damage

Green juice, when consumed in moderation, can help you get more nutrients, but too much might produce dangerous adverse effects. Studies suggest that green vegetables are high in oxalic acid, also known as oxalate. This anti-nutrient binds to minerals in food and prevents them from being absorbed by the digestive tract.

In a balanced diet, the quantity of oxalates you get from entire veggies isn’t dangerous. On the other hand, green juices are a concentrated source of oxalates. Too many oxalates can cause health problems such as renal stones and kidney failure.

Not Satiating

Nutritionists always say that chewing is better than drinking. It is because you receive so much more nutritional benefits by eating greens rather than drinking supplements.

Plus, your body is more satisfied by chewing foods than drinking. As a result, you feel less satiated from drinking greens instead of eating a big green salad.


A drinkable green drink is a beverage made from green vegetables and fruits. Most celebrities, gym trainers, and wellness bloggers drink green drinks. They contain numerous beneficial ingredients and provide thousands of health benefits.

Green drinks, along with most supplements, are not regulated. Third-party testing is a way to minimise the harmful supplements reaching the market and maximise the health of people consuming them. 

There is a difference between these drinks and real greens, as actual greens are high in fibres. Green drinks come in wide varieties with similar basic compositions but different proportions.

Green drinks are rich in minerals associated with maintaining the normal blood pressure of the heart and calcium and potassium levels. They help decrease blood pressure and can benefit people suffering from hypertension. It benefits health in many ways; however, it should not be consumed without a prescription from a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are green drinks good for you?

A. Yes, green drinks are good for you as they offer many health benefits, such as boosting your gut health and immunity. Gut health is crucial for your overall health. Inflammation is reduced. It makes your immune system stronger and keeps your skin hydrated. It also increases your energy levels. Also, green drinks are a great way to increase your intake of important vitamins and minerals.

Q. What does drinking super greens do?

A. Super greens are high in vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory substances, boosting your immunity and lowering your risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses. According to a study, a daily intake of greens powder reduced cell oxidation by 30% in participants. Vitamin K, present in leafy greens, is linked to various health advantages, including maintaining healthy blood vessels, lowering the risk of heart disease, and avoiding bone loss as people age.

Q. Do super greens help with weight loss?

A. Yes, super greens help with weight loss as they are made from green and leafy vegetables. Hence, they are not high in calories like starchy vegetables. So, when combined with a regular exercise routine, super greens can help you lose weight, control your appetite, and maintain general health. Generally, two to three months should be enough time to see if the supplements benefit you. So, you should be patient for at least two to three months while following a regular exercise routine.

Q. Are powdered greens as good as fresh?

A. Green powders are high in potassium, magnesium, and nitrates, among other nutrients. These nutrients aid in managing heart rhythm issues, blood flow, and blood pressure, but because greens powders are manufactured from dried fruits and vegetables, some vital nutritional value such as fibre is lost. Greens powders can’t replace a well-balanced diet or the nutritional benefits of eating whole foods.

Q. Is it OK to drink green juice every day?

A. It is OK to drink these juices once or twice a week for a healthy adult human being, but you should avoid drinking them daily because it affects the kidney severely. When consumed in moderation, green juice is nutritious, although it lacks crucial elements like fibre. Furthermore, excessive drinking can impair your blood sugar and kidney function. It is advised not to drink them daily for patients with kidney malfunctions.

Q. When should I drink greens?

A. The timing of consumption of green drinks is more of a personal choice. Some people prefer to drink it before lunch and some before breakfast. Green juices should be consumed on an empty stomach or one hour before a meal at any time during the day. What is important is that it should be consumed on an empty stomach. Also, it is advised not to drink it before bed as it can impact your sleep quality negatively.

Q. Do greens powder make you poop?

A. No, the green powder doesn’t make you poop as they lack fibre. Fibre become the most important constituent for poop as they are non-digestible because human beings lack the enzymes necessary for fibre digestion. They add to the bulk of faeces and hence take part in regulating bowel movements.

Q. Do super greens make you poop?

A. Yes, super greens can make you poop because of the high fibre content; the components in super greens supplements may help relieve constipation. Vegetables have a low-calorie count and are high in nutrients and fibre. Vegetables’ high fibre content is a laxative, especially for treating constipation and promoting bowel regularity.

Q. How often should you drink super greens?

A. Super greens should be ingested once daily as a general rule (with potentially one more scoop if needed). You may mix it with water or make a smoothie if you want to be creative.

Q. Do drinking greens help with bloating?

A. Green drinks help with bloating as they are made with green and leafy vegetables, are low in calories, rich in fibres, and help in water retention. However, there is also another side of the coin. Another component of super greens that may contribute to bloating is probiotics. These are beneficial bacteria and yeasts that help to improve gut health and immunity. Unfortunately, probiotics can cause bloating by temporarily increasing the quantity of gas in your stomach.

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