7 Reasons Why Glucose is Worth Measuring with a CGM?

Dr.Poonam Sharma

December 6, 2022

Glucose is the most crucial energy source for cells in the human body. It spikes with many foods and drinks that we eat daily. Also, sometimes the glucose levels can be insufficient. For example, the liver can manufacture glucose when the blood glucose levels are below optimal. Low glucose levels can lead to various health conditions, including diabetes.

The human body cannot store glucose, so it needs a constant supply of new glucose from food or breaking down glycogen stores. These sources of glucose are usually sufficient, but when they are not, the body will turn to protein and fat as its last resort. The brain can only use glucose as fuel for its efficient function. Neurons convert glucose into a form of energy called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP provides the energy needed to send messages from one neuron to another, which allows us to think, move, and feel.

Glucose monitoring is impactful because it can tell us when our body’s glucose levels are high or low. However, this is important for diabetes patients because they need to monitor their glucose levels and adjust their diet and exercise accordingly.

Monitoring blood sugar levels can be done with a blood test, but you can opt for it differently. For example, you can put a small wearable like the HealthifyPro CGM on your arm to measure the sugar in your bloodstream every few minutes.

The glucose monitor records the person’s blood sugar level and can warn them if their levels are too high or too low. This information is helpful for people with diabetes to help prevent complications from occurring. In addition, there are several other reasons you must rely on a HealthifyPro Continuous Glucose Monitor. 

7 Reasons for Adopting a HealthifyPro CGM

A continuous glucose monitor guides us through varying glucose levels in our bloodstream. But, wait, it can do more for you! Here’s a list of ways a HealthifyPro Continuous Glucose Monitor will help you. 

CGM reveals where we are on the spectrum of glucose control

Before you understand the role of a continuous glucose monitor in regulating the blood glucose spectrum, you should be aware of the blood glucose spectrum. A blood glucose spectrum is a chart that showcases the range of blood glucose levels that are normal, below normal, and high. 

Under a fasting state, an average blood glucose level should be around 70 mg/dL to 100 mg/dL. Post-meal blood sugar levels should be in the range of 110 mg/dL to 140 mg/dL. Any deviation from this behaviour is a sign of metabolic malfunctioning in your body. 

If your average blood sugar levels are marching toward 110 mg/dL to 125 mg/dL, it is a sign of prediabetes. Prediabetes is also known as borderline diabetes. This condition might not be grave enough, but it can be considered an early warning bell for turning diabetic. 

Switching to a HealthifyPro Continuous Glucose Monitor helps you estimate your blood sugar levels throughout the day. This way, you get to measure your blood glucose levels for the fasting period, post-meal, and during the other course of the day. 

The AI-driven reports and an easily graspable metabolic panel from HealthifyPro allows you to know where you stand on your glucose spectrum. This way, you can get an early diagnosis of your condition. 

CGM helps to determine the glycemic variability across the day

Glycemic index or glycemic variability is the change in your blood sugar level after eating any food source. Often you might be unaware of the foods that spike your blood glucose levels, which can be troublesome. 

It is better to watch your glycemic responses to various food items to prevent this from happening. With HealthifyPro Continuous Glucose Monitor, you get alerts from your coach and AI system if any food is causing uncanny spikes in your glucose levels. 

The Pro CGM makes the blood glucose regulation process a lot easier and more fun. But, you are not alone in your journey to maintain your glucose levels; you’ve got HealthifyPro as your backup! 

CGM measures and tracks your sugar consumption

It is the sole job of a CGM to measure and track your sugar consumption. Therefore, tracking your glucose levels with a CGM can be much more effective than you can imagine. The sensor in the CGM calculates your blood glucose levels from time to time and remembers what spiked your levels earlier. 

This way, you need not worry about being busy calculating your sugar levels throughout the day. Instead, you can simply check your glucose levels on your CGM. Also, you can scan the picture of any dish you wish to eat and use HealthifyPro CGM to calculate the sugar levels for you!

CGM provides a better understanding of various foods and their impact on the body 

Every time you wear a CGM, the sensor records your blood sugar response after eating specific meals. Since it tracks your blood glucose levels from every item you eat, it understands what’s good for you and what isn’t. Therefore, a CGM can help you easily predict which foods are better for you and the impact they will leave on your blood sugar levels after eating them. 

CGM helps you to make healthy lifestyle choices

We do not always get to know how our health gets affected by not eating the right foods. Paradoxically, it is not always about junk food. It can also be that the right food may be wrong for you. For example, a bowl of fruits can be perfect for one person but may not be ideal for another. In addition, there is a simple relationship between food and spikes in blood sugar levels. Once you understand your body’s response to food and subsequent glucose response, figuring out the right diet plan just takes a few days. After that, you and your coach will be able to discover a rhythm that is long term and sustainable. 

A CGM will guide you through good alternatives you didn’t know existed! Thus, adopting a continuous glucose monitor will dramatically affect your lifestyle patterns and change them progressively. 

CGM promotes maintaining overall health in a good state

When you cut back on carbs and extra calories, you are already taking a step towards a healthy lifestyle. You will be astounded by the overall changes you will start witnessing in your physique after being friends with a CGM. 

This tiny tool will guide you with your blood sugar levels and modify your eating habits into good ones. Once you start eating clean, you will notice changes in your skin conditions, body fat metabolism, body fat composition, metabolism, and mental health. 

CGM is a fast and reliable source for glucose monitoring

You might be intrigued about how a continuous glucose monitor like the HealthifyPro Continuous Glucose Monitor works beneficially? Well, it functions as any standard monitor would do. But, the pain of pricking your fingers thrice a day gets eliminated. 

A continuous glucose monitor comes with a sensor fitted with the applicator. Once you do it, you must disinfect your arm. After the disinfection, you can press the applicator on your arm, and the sensor fixes itself onto your arm. Then, cover it up with a water-proof patch available in the kit. 

Studies reveal that the sensor on your arm measures your blood glucose levels from the interstitial fluid in between your cells in the skin. Since the continuous glucose monitor is attached to the arm throughout the day, you can track your blood glucose levels every minute!

Contrary to the traditional blood sugar testing methods that involve pricking and blood sampling, a CGM is way more convenient and real-time. Also, you get your results rapidly and personalised counselling from your coach. Thus, a CGM is a fast and reliable glucose monitoring tool. 

CGM brings you the flexibility to manage your glucose levels

The HealthifyPro comes with your personalised coach, AI support, and a Continuous Glucose Monitor. These tools work together to help you optimise your blood glucose levels. However, these tools can perform better if you decide to put in equal amounts of effort. 

With a continuous glucose monitor, you can regulate your sugar levels across the day. For example, you can get a quick analysis report of what is leading to your spike in sugar levels with every food you eat. Then, once you know your trigger, you can get rid of it instantaneously. 

CGM provides you with inherent support from your coach and allows you to work cautiously. Whenever you feel confused about your diet or glucose levels, you can contact your coach and get it sorted. If you get the cravings to eat unhealthy foods, you can converse with your coach and get an alternative. 

Thus, with HealthifyPro, you get to explore dozens of other options to manage and reschedule your diet. As a result, you don’t need to fixate yourselves on repetitive diets that make you feel deprived. Instead, change your eating options as per your likeability and analyse the new diet accordingly. 

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I, Dr. Poonam have 3+ years of experience in the field of Medicine. Currently serving as a Resident Physician at HealthifyMe, I have worked with premier hospitals such as Manipal Hospital, Bangalore as a Resident in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital, Chennai as a Medical Officer. I aspire to put my knowledge in medicine to use in providing healthcare and fitness services to people and help enhance my abilities in meeting the ever-growing healthcare needs.

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