Four things you need to know about green tea

Ritu Puri

December 6, 2022

It’s a pale liquid that appears deceptively weak, given it packs a real punch, kicking your fat-fighting metabolism into high gear. And while research has shown that exercisers who drink green tea lose twice as much weight as those who don’t, several questions about its potency remain unanswered – like are flavoured green teas as beneficial as the regular one, or does it have to be consumed hot or cold?

Here are four things you need to know about green tea:

#1 Flavours don’t impact its benefits

Tulsi, lemon, honey, chamomile…green tea is available in different flavours, and experts reckon these additions have no impact on its fat-busting properties. However, if the flavouring includes sugar, it may contain more calories than unflavored teas. So avoid green teas with any added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

#2 The brand of tea matters

There is no standard green tea – there are differences in the quality of tea leaves and the number of additional, unnecessary ingredients. Apart from checking for sugar, be sure to shop for brands that use all natural ingredients and have no artificial preservatives.

#3 Hot green tea is best for weight loss

Iced green tea, popular in the summer months, is often diluted with water. Which is why it’s important to remember that its weight-loss benefits are maximized when served hot. Don’t let the water come to a full boil. Instead, pour the water over the teabag right before it boils (the point where tiny bubbles begin to form). Then, let the tea steep for about 2 to 4 minutes.

#4 The fresher the better

Green tea won’t spoil, but don’t stock up on a year’s supplies as it’s best had fresh. If you are using loose tea or tea bags, make sure you finish your supply within six months or the tea will lose some of its antioxidant powers.

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About the Author

Ritu, who battled weight issues, acne and other health issues as an adolescent, managed to overcome these problems through changes in diet and lifestyle. Her success prompted her to pursue the subject professionally, leading her to a BSc in Home Science followed by an MSc in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. Ritu completed a training programme with All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) before working with Fortis Hospital, and the Nutrition Foundation of India. Serving as a Sr. Nutritionist at HealthifyMe, she aims to help her clients to make small changes in their lifestyle that will positively impact their health.

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9 responses to “Four things you need to know about green tea”

  1. Healthify is an amazing app, and the team is very responsive. They have updated the app drastically since i first started using it more than a year ago. It has helped me understand whr im going wrong with my food. A suggestion, to update super foods , especially like salads and sauteed veggies, etc, as sometimes you have to put in the ingredients separately. Need help with my fat and sugar cravingssss????????????

  2. I was used to have tea with milk and sugar. Without it was not able to start my day before. However with the help of green tea which I mostly take with lemon I am able to shift on green tea over tea with milk and sugar. Now I am not consuming that even for a one time. Green tea really kick start the day very refreshing and it has really help me to reduce my weight by 2.7 kg in 4 month. I am.having thyroid with pcos. It is most effective for me with these hormonal imbalanced problems. I have started it with the help of our coach. They are really inspiring..

  3. Thanks Sonam. Really appreciate the feedback. I am sure you will get back on track very soon! 🙂

  4. Healthify has worked wonders for me 😀 it did not only help me in keeping a strict record of all the things i have throughout the day but educated me of whats healthy for me and whats unhealthy. I lost a good deal of weight following this app strictly. However in between i coudnt continue due to some health issues otherwise would have seen much wonderful results. Thanks a lot to the entire team of Healthify me 🙂

    • Oops i posted it in the wrong place :p anyways Green tea article was cool too, it does has a dozen benefits , as well as anticancerous properties as well. In the long wrong it keeps diabetes mellitus 2 balanced helping and boosting oxygenated blood flow to the heart more promptly . Its marvellous for skin as well and has miraculous anti aeging properties as well 😀

  5. Green tea has various bio-active compounds that can improve health. It lowers blood pressure and increases metabolism.

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