Everything your elders have told you about food need not be true. A lot of this information should be taken with a pinch of salt. Like anything else, a lot of myths exist about food too. This World Food Day, we bust a few food myths for you.

Is egg yolk really that bad for you?

With 186 mg of cholesterol, egg yolk has been considered by many as harmful for the heart and health in general. However, recent studies have proved that dietary cholesterol, found in animal-based products like poultry and dairy, has little impact on your blood cholesterol. It is not the dietary cholesterol that is bad for you but the trans fat and saturated fats found in most processed foods and fried items. All in all, whole egg serves as a complete food with all vital nutrients necessary for the body.

How much does the timing of a meal affect your weight?

It is commonly believed that eating food late at night makes you gain weight. However, it is not the timing of your meal that contributes to the unwelcome weight gain. More often than not, eating late at night is accompanied by inactivity which leads to weight gain.

midnight food myth

Low-fat foods are not necessarily better for you.

Fat carries flavour. So, if a product says low-fat, high sugar or salt is added to make it tastier. Many a time, flavour enhancers are added to bring out flavour in the tasteless fat-free food. So, be an alert consumer and read the food label on any low-fat foods. High sugar and/or salt not only leads to weight gain, but results in rapid changes in energy levels too.

The microwave is not what is destroying your nutrients

A lot of people believe that using a microwave to heat food kills off the nutrients in it. However, it is the amount of time the food is cooked for that makes the difference. Prolonged heating using any device could lead to loss of nutrients. In fact, microwave cooks food in a very short time and its proper use can actually minimise nutrient loss.  

Is brown bread more nutritious than white bread?

Most bread available in the market is made of refined flour or maida just like white bread. A few seeds and grains are sprinkled in white bread dough to make a multigrain bread. Caramel is then added to impart the brown colour to brown bread. This essentially means multigrain and brown bread offer no additional health benefits. They are devoid of most vitamins and minerals just like white bread. If you’re looking for the healthiest bread available, it is advisable to select the bread that has the words “whole wheat” on the food label.

bread food myth

Workout does not mean you eat what you want

A lot of people believe it is okay to eat anything, provided they exercise regularly. While an occasional indulgence is fine, overeating will add to the pounds. Eating empty calorie foods like cakes, chips and aerated beverages only because you are working out is certainly not going to help. Your diet should complement your workout. Healthier eating habits will lead to better results.

With these food myths out of the way, your diet should be easier to plan. Get in touch with your nutritionist today to clear out more of these misconceptions and chalk out the perfect diet for you.


Written by Alpa Momaya

Alpa Momaya

You are what you eat, believes Alpa Momaya. So with the right diet, anyone can achieve optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.

Alpa has first-hand knowledge of this – she battled various issues with her own health and weight, but by incorporating good eating habits and regular exercise, she has reclaimed her fitness levels today. She offers the advice she took to HealthifyMe users — make the right lifestyle choices daily, sticking to a nutritious diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep. Don’t think of it as having to solve a problem, instead see it as a way to achieve long and happy life.

After a PG diploma in dietetics from Mumbai University, Alpa did a diploma in holistic nutrition in Canada and is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner today. Along with having worked in various weight-loss clinics and as a consultant for a natural pharmacy, she’s helped her family control ailments like diabetes and hypertension, and hopes to help her HealthifyMe clients do the same. “I can proudly say my daughter happily eats any vegetable or fruit without ever making a face,” Alpa claims, and she is determined that those who consult her will go back similarly impressed.

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