You may already know your way around the exercise equipment or have your own home fitness routine, but if you’re keen to get your abs in shape or work off those last five kilos, a virtual trainer can provide you with customized advice.

Working with an expert online has some unique advantages – here are five:

It’s cheaper than a real life trainer

The price of a gym membership coupled with the cost of hiring a personal trainer (who often charge Rs 5,000 upwards a month) can be pretty costly. Mobile or web-based coaching is way cheaper – also, services like HealthifyMe offer nutrition and diet advice in addition to personal training, and still work out cheaper than a personal training package at your local gym.

You have more options to select from

Based on their personalities and preferences, people seek different qualities in trainers. A gym will have a limited staff of trainers, but on the web, your options are endless and you are not limited by your geographical location. For instance, someone from Delhi who’s just signed up for the marathon might want to work with a trainer who specializes in the sport. If the trainer is based in Bangalore, via Skype, it’s a workable option. At HealthifyMe we have experts from various fields and we can help find you the right experts for your specific needs.

Workout to your schedule, not your trainer’s

Finding a good time that works for both you and your trainer is often a difficult task. You have to factor in commuting time, to the gym or at home, depending on where you work out. If you cancel your session, you may have to still pay for it.

Instruction via mobile, as is done by apps like HealthifyMe (see how it works), can save you travel time as you can work out at home. You can exercise anywhere, with only enough space to stand up and lie down. There’s the flexibility of knowing that you can schedule a 30-minute private session, have a great workout, and be back at work right after. In addition, trainers and nutritionists are available on WhatsApp to address any fitness and diet-related queries that come up, like modifying your exercise routine to work off those calories you had for lunch.

No gyms or fancy equipment required

An online trainer is equipped to design a workout plan that doesn’t necessarily require a gym membership. Trainers improvise and use whatever is around the house — water bottles, thick books, etc. Some trainers focus on callisthenics as it can be just as good and sometimes even more beneficial and demanding than using equipment. Free weights, a Swiss ball, and an exercise mat can help a trainer accomplish a professional workout; clients can also go to the gym on their own and do cardio. We also have yoga trainers if that is what you prefer.

You are more accountable

Being in the gym surrounded by super fit people can be very intimidating. But when exercise motivation is as simple as checking your phone, there’s no reason not to get moving.

Remote training makes it harder to reach for common workout excuses, like not having enough time or being intimidated by public places. There is no excuse to skip a workout as the trainer is there for you wherever you are, anytime. Plus, online training sessions leave plenty of room for reinforcement, feedback and questions. Online training can have some extra positive effect on motivation – with experts just a ping away, clients can regularly check in.

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Written by Team HealthifyMe

Team HealthifyMe

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