While working out can be excruciating, don’t let baseless facts affect your training. Here are some common myths about exercising, that you can kiss goodbye.

Never too late to lose weight
Never too late to lose weight            rich115 / CC BY-SA

MYTH 1: It is too late to lose weight

The truth: Whether your 40 or 70, it is never too late to start exercising.
Weight loss, stamina increase and strength might take time depending on the age and overall fitness of the person, but when it comes to working out, age doesn’t matter. Choose an exercise that fits your physical stamina, and as your stamina increases, choose a higher intensity workout.

MYTH 2: Working out in the morning is better than working out at any other time

The truth: There is no study in the world that has conclusively stated that one time period is the best for working out for the entire human race. Personal preference, comfort and convenience are the best factors to decide what time works best for you. So pick a time that suits you best, and make exercise a part of your routine.

MYTH 3: Working out at an empty stomach burns more fat

The truth: Your body needs enough energy to help you exercise, and an empty stomach is likely to prevent you from going that extra mile.

So it is only wise to eat something nutritious to fuel your body before a workout. This will also prevent you from binging post your workout.

MYTH 4: Stretching is best before workout

The truth: Cardio is a lot more useful before a workout than stretching, because helps increase blood flow, which warms your muscles for better exercising. Stretching is more useful after your workout.

Full body workout at home

MYTH 5: A painless workout doesn’t count

The truth: While some discomfort during working out is natural, exercise should never be a painful process. If you do experience pain after training, give your body some rest before exercising again. Excessive pain is often a precursor to unwanted injury, and is not a marker of an effective workout.

MYTH 6: You need to go to a gym to get in shape

The truth: A yoga mat, a resistance band or even a simple chair is enough to make your entire body sweat. A full-body workout is possible even in the comfort of your home, without any gym equipment. So, start today!

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