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Beryl Pais found HealthifyMe, went from 95kg to 84 kg


April 30, 2021

Beryl Pais

Name: Beryl Pais
Age: 40
Then: 95 kg
Now: 84 kg
Lost: 11 kg in 2.5 months

The home-and-office routine left Beryl Pais with very little time for anything else. The professional from Mumbai often worked late hours, and kept wishing that she could shed the pounds she was piling on. Gym memberships were bought but she never had the time to use them. The professional exercise cycle at home turned into a clothes hanger of sorts. Things came to a head when she found that she was at risk of diabetes.

Finding HealthifyMe

Beryl and her friends tested a few health apps before settling on HealthifyMe. HealthifyMe worked for Beryl because of the super support system – all important and relevant health information was delivered on her phone and her personal trainer, Roshini Gilbert, was just a phone call or text message away.

Roshini closely monitored Beryl’s new diet plan and exercise routine, constantly educating her about the simple ways to get active and shed those kilos. “She was encouraging and provided ample motivation to set me on the right path,” Beryl says.

A Change in Diet & Lifestyle

HealthifyMe’s calorie chart is tailored to Indian foods and the Indian palette and helped Beryl make the dietary changes she needed to. The meat-eating Beryl made some dramatic changes to her diet. She began to include fresh salads and green vegetables in her meals and cut out white bread and white rice completely.

The woman who loved eating out and had a fondness for chaat, sev puri and pani puri completely gave up some of her favorite foods. No more biscuits or cake at tea time. As a result, she started eating more home-cooked fare.

Her exercise routine included 40 minutes of jogging in the morning before work, stomach crunches and aerobics. Lunch breaks were for short walks. Roshini also told Beryl to be more active at work. She started small – going to the office kitchen to make a cup of tea or getting up to make her own photocopies. These seemingly small periods of physical activity went a long way in helping Beryl stay active and lose weight.


The bond of friendship that Beryl had developed with her instructor kept her going. The community of HealthifyMe clients that shared experiences with each other and constantly motivated each other also played an important role in her weight-loss journey.


Beryl Pais - weight loss success story

Today, Beryl has a greater sense of confidence and feels like a different person. She fits into many of her old clothes and “looks and feels great”! “To get healthy, all a person needs is will power, motivation and HealthifyMe,” she says.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, so let our coaches identify what works for you.

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A sports lover, a quizzing enthusiast and an avid reader, but above all, a writer. Though he may have made the switch from engineering with the hope of becoming the Sachin Tendulkar of writing someday, Habil now realistically hopes to reach Shiv Sunder Das levels. While he hopes to write about sports one day, he is more than happy to help you improve your health along the way.

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