7 Indian Women Instagrammers You Must follow for Daily Fitness Inspiration


September 14, 2020

If a picture paints a thousand words, it stands to reason that a visual fitness diary with recipes, exercise demos and inspiring words can punch up your workout routine. So when you find yourself in need of some healthy encouragement, check out these Indian Women Instagrammers.

Shweta Rathore @shwetarathore13

The 28-year-old from Jaipur is the first Indian female bodybuilder to win a silver medal in the 49th Asian championship! Claiming she isn’t a typical muscle woman, Shweta promotes a physique that is “athletic and aesthetically pleasing.” Her inspirational words, fitness tips, and experiences have garnered her an impressive 134K followers. If you’re ever in need of inspiration, look her up and get back in the fitness game.

first Indian female bodybuilder

Natasha Noel @natashanoel001

Breaking into yoga poses right in the middle of a restaurant, store or even mid-flight, Natasha is known to leave people awestruck. But there’s a lot more than just flexibility and the power to leave people speechless, in this 23-year-old dancer & yoga trainer. Offering words of encouragement and insights about yoga; she’s a figure of hope to all the women out there.

dancer and yoga trainer

Namrata Purohit @namratapurohit

The youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor in the world, who wrote her  first book titled ‘The Lazy Girls Guide to Being Fit’, at the age 21, Namrata is a Mumbai-based Pilates & Barre Instructor. Sharing glimpses of intensive pilates workouts with celebrities whilst imparting knowledge, this Pilates Instructor is sure to inspire you on the days you’re feeling blue.

Pilates & Barre Instructor

Shweta Mehta @theshwetamehta

A software engineer, Shweta’s workout journey began at the office gym, and her passion towards fitness converted her into a professional Fitness Consultant.  Winner of the Women’s Physique division at the JERAI Classic 2016, an internationally acclaimed bodybuilding tournament, she shares tips insights about weight training and how to get started, with her followers. Her pro advice to anyone looking to get fit is “Eat Clean, Exercise Regularly and be consistent, as it’s the key to getting fit.”

Fitness Consultant

Bani J @Lady RocknRolla

Sticking to her strict diet and workout regimen, even while on the road, has earned this MTV Host, a massive 325K followers!  Famous for her outspokenness and encouraging words, Bani never fails to inspire women looking to get fit. “Don’t get into that column and box just to make someone else happy, do what feels right for you!” she says.

workout regimen

Deepika Mehta @deepikamehtayoga

In 1997, after a rock climbing accident, doctors told Deepika that she would never walk again. Unwilling to accept their counsel, she regained her health and movement with yoga and meditation. Today, the level 2 Ashtanga yoga teacher from KPJAYI shares her unique take on asanas and life, often from some breathtakingly beautiful destinations. Advising her 45.7k followers to take time out to smell the roses, she writes, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

yoga and meditation

Sharmila Nicollet @sharmilanicollet

The professional golfer chronicles her personal fitness journey for her 85K followers. From tee time outdoors to training with weights in the gym, Sharmila shares her optimism and learnings about how to stay mentally and physically fit. “The journey will always get hard, all you have to do is ‘Turn the pain into power’, and keep going!”, says Sharmila.

mentally and physically fit

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  1. They are looking extremelt well fit and flexible. Definetly I am going to follow all of them.

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