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7 Food Swaps for Quick Weight Loss

Parul Dube

October 12, 2022

Does embarking on a weight loss journey mean giving up your sweets, French fries and red meat? Not necessarily. Creating space for better nutrition doesn’t necessarily require a total overhaul or giving up on your favourite foods. Here are seven food swaps that may help you in cutting down on unhealthy calories.

1. Eggs or Oats Instead of Sugary Cereals

Starting your day with cereals loaded with sugar and preservatives is a terrible idea. Not only are they loaded with harmful preservatives but also, they provide very little nutritional value and have tons of calories. Instead, you could opt for protein-rich eggs or oatmeal for a weight loss breakfast. Of course, you can always add natural sugars like dates, raisins or honey to your oats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Making sure your breakfast is protein-rich is also a great habit because proteins help weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer.

2. Fruit Bowl Instead of Desserts for Quick Weight Loss

If you have a sweet tooth, desserts must be your greatest enemy in weight loss. Sadly, desserts are heavy on refined carbs like maida and loaded with butter and sugar, which can put you back a few paces in your weight loss journey. The hack to this is keeping your house stuffed with yummy fresh fruits and opting for a fruit bowl. Then, whenever you crave something sweet, you can top it with some nuts or yoghurt mixed with little honey to add that hint of creaminess and crunch. A quick meal for quick weight loss.

3. Homemade Drink Instead of Sweetened Beverages

It’s usual to grab a can of an aerated beverage or a canned juice as a quick refreshment. However, not many of us know that these and other energy drinks are again loaded with harmful chemicals in the form of preservatives and contain high amounts of sugar and, therefore, unwanted calories. So, of course, the healthier alternatives to these would be buttermilk, fruit or vegetable juice, smoothies, coconut water, and traditional Indian drinks like mango/ Aam Panna or kanji. These will give you the same refreshment you’re looking for without pumping unnecessary calories into your system and promote weight loss.

4. Homemade Protein Bars Instead of Sweets

Whenever you crave something sweet right after a meal, you can have a homemade protein bar. Protein bars are highly nutritious and can satisfy your sweet tooth. You can make them with healthy nuts, seeds, grated coconut and jaggery.

5. Lean Meat over Processed Meat accelerates Quick Weight Loss

You should avoid processed meat like sausages and bacon at all costs as they undergo the processing of grilling, fermentation, salting and curing. This type of meat is modified to increase the shelf life. Instead, go for a fresh, leaner cut such as your chicken or your fish. Of course, it’s got more protein low fat, and it will help build those muscles.

6. Homemade ghee Over Your Cooking Vegetable Oil

Many people consider ghee a bad fat. However, time and again, nutritionists have stated that desi ghee is a healthy fat and good for overall health. It helps in getting rid of your stubborn belly fat and is a powerhouse of nutrients. In addition, ghee has essential amino acids which help in mobilizing your fat cells in the body. It also helps in quick weight loss without adding to your calories.

7. Healthy Nuts over Chips

While on a weight loss program, snacking can be a bit difficult. We are always looking out for something to munch on, and these foods should not lead to weight gain. For this, we have a perfect snack option for you; anytime you crave a savoury snack, pick nuts over chips. Nuts are rich in healthy fats and have a significant amount of protein. Just take a handful of nuts and roast them in your desi ghee, and your healthy snack is ready.


When you are on a weight loss programme, it is essential to be careful which foods will help you lose weight. Some foods, which are considered to be healthy, might not be beneficial for weight loss. Overdoing those foods could be detrimental to weight loss. One needs to weigh their options carefully. Looking for nutrient-dense healthy food, portion control and limiting junk food can help speed up the weight loss process.

About the Author

Parul holds a Masters of Medical Science in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and has worked across the globe from the U.K to New Zealand (NZ) gaining her License with the Health Professionals Council (HPC, UK) and the NZ Nutrition Council. From being a Gold medalist in Clinical Nutrition to being awarded an internship with World Health Organisation (WHO, Cairo, Egypt) and Contracts with CDC Parul has had a wide spectrum of work experiences. She is very passionate about Nutrition and Fitness and holds strong to her guiding mantras ‘ Move more’ and ‘Eat Food that your grandmother can recognize’!

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