7 Benefits of Evening Exercises that Might Inspire You

Saravanan "Sharu" Hariram

March 5, 2021

It is usually believed that exercising in the morning can yield a wide range of benefits. And it makes sense to do so because you finish your workout before you begin your day, which means you do it before your busy schedule takes over.

While working out in the morning sounds good to some individuals, there is a group of people who cannot hop out of their beds early in the morning. Yes, the struggle is real. Now, if you belong to the second group, worry not. There is an alternative for you, and that is working out in the evenings. Just like a plethora of benefits that can be experienced during your morning workouts, there are not one but seven benefits of evening exercises. What are they? Keep reading to know more.

A True Stress Buster

A true stress buster

After a long day at work or school, a normal individual goes through a certain amount of stress. Maybe it is the deadlines that have you worried, or you had too much to do today. Well, whatever your reasons were, a great way to ensure your brain remains strong and healthy is to do evening exercises. The ‘feel-good’ endorphins that get released when you workout enhance your coping mechanisms and greatly benefit your mental health. And, if you have been struggling with too much stress, making this a regular practice will help you face your emotions better.

A Calm Clear Mind

What do you generally do in the evenings? Maybe watch a movie or read a book? Now, after a long day, there is no doubt that you have a lot going on in that mind of yours. And, to ensure you enjoy a good night’s sleep, you need to have a calm and clear mind, and evening exercises can help you with it. Exercising before you hit the sheets can help take away all your worries and make you feel good.

Helps Overcome Body Tension

Helps overcome body tension

When you sit or stand for long durations, muscle stiffness becomes inevitable. And your neck, shoulders, hips, and back generally are the target spots. Therefore, to prevent it, it is best to do stretching exercises in the evening as it provides relief from muscle tension and makes you feel utterly relaxed. Don’t overdo it and start slow. You can take up yoga if you are someone who experiences muscle stiffness quite often. And, when you go to bed with a calm mind and relaxed body, it helps you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Enhances Sleep Quality

According to the National Sleep Foundation, it is recommended that you exercise three hours before your bed-time as exercising gives you a burst of energy. Once you come down from the ‘exercise high,’ you will be able to sleep well as you will be devoid of any stress, and your muscles will also be in a relaxed state. And if you are someone who cannot fall asleep easily or struggles with insomnia, it is highly recommended that you exercise in the evenings as it can enhance your sleep quality. And when you enjoy a good night’s sleep, your mornings will go great too. 

An Easy Morning Routine

An easy morning

When you don’t schedule your workouts in the morning, it means you have a relaxed morning routine to look forward to. You don’t have to wake up very early or rush to the gym. You can take it slow and steady and do things more calmly. For instance, you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee by taking your own sweet time or cook yourself some nice breakfast, and these minute things can put you in a good mood, boosting your productivity. And, in the evening, when you are done with your chores, exercising will put you at ease. 

A Great Way to End the Day

Maybe you are bored at home and feel like going out with your friends to have a pizza or a burger or even a drink! Now, when you workout in the evenings, you can get rid of such unhealthy lifestyle habits! You won’t be bored in the evenings and won’t end up finishing that entire bottle of wine on your own. And the best part is you have a plan for the evening. You don’t have to sit and decide on how you can spend your time. 

A Longer Workout

A longer workout

When you are working out in the evening, there may not be strict time constraints. You can easily dedicate a little more time for your workouts, unlike mornings, where you have to rush to work or school. Also, when you exercise in the evening, you will be able to enjoy it more as you are done with your day. And, if hitting the gym is what you prefer, the place will mostly remain uncrowded, so you can go on with your workouts without hindrance.

Bonus Benefit: Exercise Can Spark Up Your Sex Life

After a long hard day, most people lose interest in intimate acts because, firstly, they are too tired, and second, the stress gets to you. Exercising in the evening can solve this problem as it boosts your energy levels, ensuring you don’t feel tired any longer and relaxes your mind, making sure you enjoy the act. Also, for men, exercising regularly can prevent erectile dysfunction, and for women, it enhances arousal. So yes, exercising in the evening comes with a whole set of advantages.

Now that you know the benefits of working out in the evening, make sure you stick to a time slot that is convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which is the best workout during the evenings?

A. You have several options to choose from. Now, if you are someone who has led a sedentary lifestyle and wants to start working out, you can start by walking. Some other options include:

  • Gym: Generally, at night, you will find most gyms less crowded. This means you will be able to finish your workout without having to wait for your turn to use the equipment. However, make sure your gym has flexible timings before you take the membership.
  • Cycle: Riding your bike is a great workout, and you don’t have to wait for your gym to open either. You can do it without any hassles.
  • Swimming: Swimming in the evening is not only a great exercise, but it can also help rejuvenate your mind and body.
  • Yoga: Doing yoga can help relax your muscles, and you can do it easily from the comfort of your home. Post-workout, you can also cultivate the habit of meditation to relax your mind and body completely.

Q. How to make sure you don’t miss your evening workout?

A. The answer is simple. Don’t make excuses. Just like you go to work or school every day, make your evening workout a priority too. This way, you will never miss out.

Q. Why do you need regular physical activity?

A. Exercising regularly can –

  • Keep your weight in check.
  • Prevent health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, and more.
  • Keep you happy.
  • Make you feel energized.
  • Improve sleep quality.
Hence, it is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Q. How to make workouts more fun?

A. If you are bored of doing the same thing every day, a workout can feel stale. So, jazz it up. You can take up dance classes or play a sport. Make sure you keep switching things up if you get bored quickly.

Q. How much should an individual exercise?

A. According to the Department of health and human services, an average adult requires 150 – 180 minutes a week of mild aerobic activity or 75 -90 minutes every week if it is a vigorous aerobic activity. It is also recommended you do strength training at least twice a week, such as using weight machines or bodyweight.

Note: Before starting any new physical activity, always check with your doctor to make sure there are no concerns.

Q. Does exercising require significant lifestyle changes?

A. The answer is no. You can squeeze in workouts even during busy work schedules. The trick here is to plan ahead. Once you do that, you will never miss your exercises, and it won’t interfere with your lifestyle either. What you must do here is not to overthink things and simply start. Once it becomes a habit, it will become a part of your lifestyle.

About the Author

Saravanan “Sharu” Hariram is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for bodybuilding. Combining his love for fitness with his career, Sharu did his certification in Sports Nutrition, and Rehabilitation and Healing Nutrition. Currently a Master Trainer with HealthifyMe, he specializes in Weight Management, Marathon Training, and Physical Rehabilitation. In his 20+ years of experience, Sharu has always maintained that one’s mind must have control over their body in order to lead a healthy life. At HealthifyMe, he continues to follow his passion while helping those around him realise their fitness goals.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the great post with us. I think Yoga is actually one of the life transforming exercises that should be adopted.I am enjoying my time with the help of your Blog.Thanks again for sharing more informative and amazing blog. Best of luck to you!

  2. Working out at any time of the day suitable is beneficial. You just have to time your meals and carbs accordingly. And make sure you are not feeling full or bloated when you hit the gym. That is, have your major meal before workout (lunch or dinner) at least 3–4 hours before you start your workout. That way the food is fully digested and you can just eat your pre workout meal (if any) and start working out.

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